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Mysteries, we need a mystery movie night on TCM! Not a morning....and more


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Well this is my first post and I guess I should say I have watched TCM for @ least nine years, but I have just one little complaint. They show so little of mysteries. I stay home on Saturday mornings just to see the few mysteries they do show. I could research it but I wish TCM would have a mystery night not a Saturday morning with reruns after reruns of mysteries they have recently shown. I love the channel and have recommended it more people than I can possibly say in my area and on the phone with my friends. Whatever happened to Charlie Chan? I know they were considered a no no at one time, but that is what's great about TCM they will show the movies that are not politically correct, blah! I love mystery movies. They had so many of them while I was growing up on TV.I grew up in New York on Long Island and remember seeing so many great movies on independent stations. I know that TCM shows some of the mysteries but they are on at different times with the exception of *Saturday mornings?* Why not a mystery night! I love the Nick and Nora series but know them by heart like I do, with I Love Lucy, There has to be ones they haven't shown! I watch Maltese Falcon everytime and OH GOSH, the ones with Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart and Peter Lorre and oh yes Sidney Greenstreet, those two with their voices.I mean you could hear either one of them and know exactly who you are listening to without even looking at the screen, great supporting actors at one time! They weren't used enough!. Please those of you who agree please help me plead my case! Boston ****, Agathat Christie's novels that were made into movies. I was a kid when they made," The Orient Express" with Albert Finney and I double dated. I was the only one who loved the movie. Well now its a classic! If new today's movie makers I would tell them what a mess they are making of the movies of today. I tried to watch Avatar and fell asleep! I wasn't the only one either my daughter-in-law was in the room and she's just a young woman. When did the movie industry stip making movies that were truly entertaining?Look at what wond for Best Film this year! I watched the trailer and lost interest! Do they have that little repect for the American Public? Cartoons basically winning for best picture? Avatar and then this year well I almost dropped when Lincoln didn't win! It's like Paul Newman who never won an Oscar until he was an older man, when it was so obvious he was on of the best actors in the whole industry. But let's just watch mysteries TCM!

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I would love if TCM adopted your idea. Most of the films that interest me are shown in the early morning hours or Sat. mornings.........Why dont you suggest it to them? Bringing it up here, wont reach them..........

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