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Point Blank: Ghost story, or last thoughts of a dying man?


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Except for the ending, it plays as a straight-forward tale of righting a grievance. But Walker disappears into the darkness without collecting the money. So was he an avenging spirit, or did the entire movie take place in his mind as his life drained out of the bullet holes in his body? There's evidence for the ghost proposition; people keep saying he's supposed to be dead. I prefer it, but the more I consider it, the more it appears to me it's his dying thoughts.


Angie Dickenson's best role, by-the-way.

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I've long believed that everything that happens after Walker gets shot twice in the chest at Alcatraz is his revenge fantasy as he lay dying, " a dream, a dream."


The movie, at least for me, very subtlety plays that way. As he walks through the corridor at LAX (love the color scheme on the wall by the way), all you hear are Walker's footsteps. People pass him but we don't hear their footsteps or snippets of their conversation, there is no sound of the intercom voice announcing arrivals and departures, there are no sounds at all of a real life interior airport, only the sounds of Walker's footsteps.


Characters are surprised to see Walker alive and say as much in various scenes.


Walker never has blood on his hands. That is left for others. Walker witnesses scenes rather than directly influencing them. He is the avenging angel who only wants what is rightfully his.. He disappears into the darkness in an homage to Chain Gang. I've always taken that moment as Walker taking his final breath before fading to black for eternity. The movie ends, if I recall correctly, with a shot of Alcatraz, where inside Walker, his revenge fantasy played out, finally dies off-camera.


It's a really great movie and Boorman and Marvin formed a friendship that lasted the rest of Lee's life.

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I hate that ghost/flashback BS because it hurts an otherwise great film but despite that I say the events are actually happening but Boorman sure ain't no advocate for real-time. I think it's clear that Yost...or is it Fairfax? (Wynn) knew of Brewster's (O'Connor) plans to take out his rivals and was using Walker to his great advantage as he understood how relenlessly revenge-driven Walker would be. Boorman however got too artsy for his own good and ruins his own film with a complete dud of an ending. Walker either takes a powder because he doesn't think Yost/Fairfax will give him his money or he just gives it up, the whole money-revenge deal or he just doesn't wanna get knocked off by cool as cucumbers Wynn. The ending is such a letdown it don't really matter. Also did not like Brewster's hitman Sikking going unscathed. Would've been nice if Walker could have caught up to him too and beaten the crap outta him. One more thing, in the aftermath of Walker sending a naked Reese (Vernon) over the patio to go splat below, there's a short shot of these 2 pretty women bystanders looking somewhat amused at the sight of a splattered naked Reese. Anyone notice that? :^0

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Thanks for the input. As I said, I've reluctantly come to the conclusion Walker's not a ghost. After all, ever hear of a ghost sleeping with a woman?--though if there is any woman that could bring that about, Angie Dickenson is the one to do it.

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