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The moody, languid saxophone theme from the ?Open All Night? bumper...

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Can anyone tell me what that piece of music is? I was walking down near the 59th Street Bridge the other night and found myself at the same POV from the bumper and heard this music in my head.


Now I've just got to find that piece of music!


Does anyone know what it is?



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Drat! I was hoping it was perhaps a truncated classic piece like the old Chet Baker “Look For The Silver Lining” morning promo from a few years ago. Too bad! I can't get that piece out of my head and would love to hear it whenever I like, as opposed to waiting until I get home and catching it as an interstitial...

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You might be able to record, or download the intro and capture the music from it. I don't know if the music for this, or any other of these movie intros are full length tunes, but TCM might be persuaded to release them as an album, or individual tracks.

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