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*{font:Calibri}Day 1{font}*




{font:Calibri}I had never been to Los Angeles before in my life. I have been to San Francisco to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, several times in fact. I had also been to San Diego at 14 years old for a summer road trip with my parents. So Hollywood was a brand new experience for me and I was SOOOOO looking forward to this and being a small part of the TCM Classic Film Festival all by myself. It is such a dream, come true for me! Heehee!{font}



{font:Calibri}My plane landed at the LAX Airport and I had to admit that I get lost EVERYWHERE I go. My sense of direction went out the window as a baby, probably, so I wandered around the airport trying to follow arrow signs to the outside. When I finally found my way to the sunlight, I stood on the curb, waiting for a Taxi and felt like a glamorous New Yorker or something! Oh fun!! We don’t really use that many Taxis in Austin! Everyone has their own car for Pete’s sake. :D {font}




{font:Calibri}The ride was a long one to the Roosevelt, but my Taxi driver must have been thinking, “Oh great! Another tourist, “because all I could focus on were the palm trees and the Hollywood sign (squealing with excitement) and all the screenings and…breakfast. Oh was I hungry after being awake since 4:30am! {font}



{font:Calibri}All of us at breakfast! From left to right: Lynn, Stephanie(TCM), Paula, Sheryl, Me and Theresa. Sue Sue was taking the picture!{font}




{font:Times New Roman}!http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s295/butterscotchgreer/20130425_111459_zps55f3a0b0.jpg!{font}









{font:Calibri}When I arrived at the Roosevelt Hotel, I wandered into the lobby and found a GORGEOUS woman in the cutest hat standing there looking around. It was Ms. SueSueApplegate of course!! We sort of squealed loudly at meeting each other for the first time and drew a bit of attention, but hey, we’re allowed once in a while, because we’re girls!! Heehee! Then Ms. M.A. (TCM staff) ran into me and called out my name. I turned around and wondered who knew my name! I hadn’t met anyone else yet! It was so weird, because she recognized me from sending my videos to her to edit for TCM airing, but I had no clue what she looked like. So another girl moment happened…{font}





{font:Calibri}At breakfast in the 25 Degrees restaurant, Lzcutter (Lynn), Countessdelave (Paula), and cinemaven (Theresa) all showed their beautiful faces and we all chatted like we had always known each other. It was absolutely fabulous!!! I think Lynn already described the fun we had in her absolutely wonderful “seen and heard on the blvd of dreams” thread, so I won’t dive into that. {font}



{font:Calibri}After a fun breakfast full of movie chat, I wandered into the lobby again to meet M.A. They had told me that I was going to be interviewed, but I had no idea who was going to interview me. Then M.A. pops up from behind me and says, “Theresa!! Just to let you know, Ben Mankiewicz is going to interview you……SURPRISE!!” It was a surprise all right! A very loverly surprise - my cheeks got pink really fast! The TCM staff took me behind the curtain where they were filming and were so kindest people. They make it so easy to be comfortable and were making me laugh a lot. I guess that’s not too hard to do anyway. Heehee! I still can’t believe I said I used to have a crush on him…on the camera. I’m such a dork. :P But he did kiss me on the cheek afterwards! {font}




!{font:Times New Roman}http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s295/butterscotchgreer/20130425_124908_zps3bf80e7f.jpg!'>http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s295/butterscotchgreer/20130425_124908_zps3bf80e7f.jpg!'>http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s295/butterscotchgreer/20130425_124908_zps3bf80e7f.jpg!'>http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s295/butterscotchgreer/20130425_124908_zps3bf80e7f.jpg!{font}








{font:Calibri}If you look in the background of the interview during the video, the pretty lady in the hat with a peach scarf wrapped around it is Ms. Sue Sue!{font}



{font:Calibri}The first TCM Panel where the staff got to talk about everything and answer questions was really special as Lynn already pointed out! After that, I walked to my hotel, which was the Hilton Garden Inn to primp for my first red carpet! Yay! Luckily for me, it is only like 9/10 of a mile, so the walk wasn’t so bad. I actually ended up never taking a cab anywhere and walked from and to my hotel every day. How perfect! New adventures with walks in the pretty weather! I’ll tell you what! Hollywood weather is really pretty and tame compared to Austin, Texas! {font}



{font:Calibri}After teasing and curling my hair for two hours, I walked to Grauman’s Chinese Theater in 3 ½ inch high heels, which was interesting and fun. I learned that you really shouldn’t walk down hlywd blvd in a floor length gown with high heels on, because every single person you pass will stop you and ask if you are a celebrity. WEIRD! {font}



{font:Calibri}On the red carpet I walked past the bleachers and saw Ms. Cinemaven with a video camera watching all the pretty dresses. I think next year, she should wear one of those pretty dresses! I also walked by Eva Marie Saint and had a small chat with her. She is such a lady! I told her that she looked pretty in her gown and she smiled sweetly back at me. Apparently Kate Beckinsale showed up right toward the end of the red carpet, so that was cool! It was most special to me to see Funny Girl on the big screen! That is a movie I hold dear to my heart and could really relate to as a little girl. My parents weren’t ever big fans of the film and wouldn’t let me watch it so much, so I would wait until they were asleep and get up around midnight just to watch it. I would tiptoe and be so quiet and lay really close to the speakers to hear the movie. I did that every other night for a couple years. Heehee! So I was a dedicated little thing! {font}



{font:Times New Roman}[img=http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s295/butterscotchgreer/20130425_182722_zpsc239e00b.jpg]{font}








{font:Calibri}Of course Cher made her appearance before the film started and chatted with Robert Osborne about her guest programming and how they never stopped talking even when the cameras stopped rolling. I thought that was cool! She also talked about watching classic films with her mother as a little girl. So adorable! I LOVE CHER!! But I have to say that I was really disappointed when Barbra didn’t show up. I was SOOO hoping to see her there. I probably would have ended up on the floor at some point if she had shown up anyway, so that was most likely a good thing. Heehee! :D But William Wyler’s daughter did come up on stage and read a letter written by Babs about the filming of Funny Girl and her relationship with William Wyler – how they really connected. I couldn’t breathe the whole time she was reading the letter!{font}




{font:Calibri}On the way to the Vanity Fair party I made a new friend on the shuttle from Canada! I love how there were so many people there from countries all around the world! So exciting to make new friends! When at the after party, I met up with Sue Sue, Sam, Sheryl, and CountessDeLave. I even got to have a chat with Max Von Sydow and Ann Jeffreys there! Ben Mankiewicz found me and we had a loooooong chat about everything; family and friends and life in general. I found it so refreshing how open and warm-hearted he was. But throughout the entire festival, he somehow found me everywhere and always checked to see how I was. He wanted to know if I was having fun and so on. What a sweetheart! Someone else who also did that was the President of TCM, Jeff Gregor. Every time he saw me, he said hi and asked if I needed anything. I don’t think I have ever met so many people who truly care and always have the best attitude, then at the festival. I hope they and everyone else I met never lose that attribute! {font}




{font:Times New Roman}[img=http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s295/butterscotchgreer/20130425_223543_zpsf6141bcd.jpg]{font}














{font:Calibri}Lulu did a fantastic job as the party’s main entertainer and looked even more beautiful if I do say so! Throughout the night they had burlesque-ish dancers come out, which I thought was awkward at first. They also had a professional tap dancer come out and a live band play some upbeat standards and swing music! It was so awesome! I just wanted to break out with swing dancing! But the thing with swing dancing is that you need a partner who knows how to swing also…that might have put a glitch in my plan. Heehee! It was just like a Hollywood party from the 40’s or the 50’s! What I had always dreamed! The only thing that was missing was a piano and a Gershwin playing with Judy Garland singing!....and Greer Garson beside me with a pretty dress on too, naturally! {font}




{font:Calibri}Paula is her gorgeous Adrian-esque gown, and Christy in her Asian ensemble! they wowed the crowd major big time! You can see Sam in the back enjoying himself too. :D Christy's friend, Rose, is the one displaying the bunny ears. heehee! So funny! Can't you see that we were having fun!? {font}




{font:Calibri}The BEST first day of the festival EVER!!! {font}



{font:Times New Roman}[img=http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s295/butterscotchgreer/20130426_000926_zps382fa813.jpg]{font}









I love that Ben wore jeans to the Vanity Fair after party...oh Ben. Heehee! That's suppose to be strictly a Texan thing!










Edited by: butterscotchgreer on May 13, 2013 9:52 PM

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Teasing and curling hair for two hours?! Women! Always teasing! :P


I really enjoyed your recap of your first day at the festival, Sweet T. What a full day it was!


I think it's wonderful you were able to meet up with other members on this board.


Your interview with Ben was tremendous.


And green is definitely your color!

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Sue Sue,

*I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your adventures, and reliving all the fun of Day 1.*
*You are just as bubbly and lively as Ann Miller in this number from *On The Town!

Thank you dahling! I was soooo hoping to sort of channel Annie Miller on the night they were playing On the Town with my green dress! It's so pathetic that I have that film memorized. Heehee!

Hi Jack-in-the-box!

*Teasing and curling hair for two hours?! Women! Always teasing! :P*

Hey! A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do! If i didn't, my hair would look too normal. Now, that's no fun! :P:P

*I really enjoyed your recap of your first day at the festival, Sweet T. What a full day it was!*

There's something wrong here...you're being too sweet. What's the catch?! :D

*I think it's wonderful you were able to meet up with other members on this board.*

They are everything I thought and more! So incredibly sweet and friendly.

*And green is definitely your color!*

You're just full of compliments today! what did I do to deserve that? Heehee!


*I will be posting Day 2 later today! Stay tuned beautiful people!
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{font:Times New Roman} {font}


{font:Calibri}Day 2{font}


{font:Times New Roman} {font}

{font:Calibri}I probably got back to my hotel around 2 in the morning, I don’t remember exactly, because I had been up since 4:30 Texas time. I don’t even know how I woke up at 7 that next morning. I guess it was sheer excitement that I woke up still in Hollywood and realized it wasn’t just a dream. Whatever it was, it made me not miss My Fair Lady, which was showing at 9AM. {font}


{font:Times New Roman} {font}

{font:Calibri}So I ironed my green Annie Miller reproduction dress and put on some matching mint green heels and ran to the nearest Starbucks in the middle of the shortcut to Hollywood Blvd to get a White Peppermint Hot Chocolate and a piece of fruit. As I exited the door of Starbucks I just had to look up to see that Audrey Hepburn’s face was staring straight at me from the El Capitan Theater. It gave me such a warm and fuzzy feeling! Well that’s not exactly something you see every day! I just thought I would point that out. Heehee!{font}








{font:Times New Roman} {font}

{font:Calibri}Ben Mankiewicz introduced Theodore Bikel for the discussion before My Fair Lady started and he was very lively. He told us that he had played the lead in Fiddler on the Roof on stage over 2200 times, which just happens to be more than any other person. He is 89 now and the last time he played the full show was two years ago. That completely amazed me!! Talk about passion! I love seeing people so passionate about the things they love most. He said that the only reason he was the one at the discussion for MFL was that he was the only living cast member left. Heehee! Poor baby! He was a little cutie! There was actually a man in the audience that Ben pointed out, who was a dancer in quite a few of the musical numbers. So that was really cool! {font}


{font:Times New Roman} {font}

{font:Calibri}I had seen MFL on the big screen before at the Paramount Theater in Austin, but the screen seemed even bigger in the El Capitan and the colors seemed brighter. It was so loverly! I did leave a little bit early before the end of the film, but before you get all upset with me, it was because I REALLY wanted to see The Narrow Margin…So it was a good cause! Honest! I got kind of lost trying to find the Egyptian Theater, though. I must have walked 2 miles in the opposite direction until one of the TCM staffers saw me with a pass and a confused look on my face, stopped me and guided me to it. Such a nice man he was! I need to learn directions! :D Jacqueline White was there to chat and she was the cutest thing! I got to meet her outside the theater after it was over and her disposition was so entrancing. Right after the screening was over was about the time when I had to switch to flat from the heels. How disappointing, isn't it? {font}


{font:Times New Roman} {font}

{font:Calibri}Christy (Sue Sue) walked down to the Pig N’ Whistle for some lunch, but I couldn’t eat very much, because I was so excited! Wouldn't you know it?! Helen Mirren's star was right in front of the restaurant. Just what I was looking for!! AAHHH!! Finally I had found it! {font}






{font:Calibri} http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s295/butterscotchgreer/20130426_120352_zps0daa6ee0.jpg{font}



{font:Calibri}I could just picture Dana Andrews sitting at a nearby table eating with Gene Tierney and other great actors there in my head. I was totally daydreaming the whole time, yet still had the loverliest girl chat. It felt so lady-like! I was told that there is a piano on the bottom floor of the restaurant, but we didn’t get to see it. Christy said she wanted to play something. What fun that would have been. I’m surely she would have been done marvelously!{font}


{font:Times New Roman} {font}

{font:Calibri}We reached Club TCM, just inside the Roosevelt, to see the showing of those glorious Hollywood Home Movies! There we sat with Lynn and a few more people. I really enjoyed this part of the day! The first ones they showed were with Marlene Dietrich and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Even when not on set, they looked absolutely stunning and glowing with perfection. How sad is that? No one gets dressed up just to go wandering around the country-side anymore. I thought the one clip with Alfred Hitchcock riding a small bike in circles with a silly grin on his face was the best part of it all. That truly said it all. Heehee! {font}


{font:Times New Roman} {font}

{font:Calibri}The screening of On the Town was next. I was super excited for this event the whole day long as I had the perfect outfit to go. :D This particular film, I had not seen on the big screen and I must say that it was worth the wait in line. I just sank in my seat with the cheesiest grin; I’m sure, as soon as I heard that first line sung. “I feel like I’m not out of bed…..yet.” It is one of the greatest musicals ever made and the excitement from the pictures just jumped out of the screen and filled me with goose bumps. I could have jumped up right there and started singing and dancing along with them. Though, I am glad I didn’t. Heehee! {font}


{font:Times New Roman} {font}

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> {quote:title=movieman1957 wrote:}{quote}What a treat. It sounds like a great time. I'm glad you got to go. I know that spending time with Christy is a real joy too.


> How nice to find Helen Mirren's star. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you, movieman1957. I feel the same way about you! :)


And spending time with butterscotchgreer was also a delight!

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  • 11 months later...

Day 1 of the 2014 TCM Film Festival


Mellow Greetings from Yooky Dooky everyone!


So I am back again from my 2nd Festival experience! WOOOHOOOOOOO! I had SUCH fun!


I think my favorite part of the Festival are the people you meet each year. Every new year that you go, you see all the same people there and become such great friends with those people you meet from previous years. Of course it helps when you have such great friends that are practically family from this loverly board as well that join in the festivities.


So the first day was SO LONG for me. I think it will be every year, because so many things happens that first day you arrive. I got up at 5 in the morning in Austin, TX and flew to the LAX airport and got there around 8:30 AM. It's not too long a flight, but it feels like it so early in the morning. Heehee! As soon as I grabbed a taxi, I headed to the famous Roosevelt Hotel where my good friends, Lynn (LZCutter) and Paula(CountessDelave) were waiting to have some brunch. I got some really good hugs. I LOVE hugs!   I aways feel so glamorous when I get into a Taxi, because we don't really use those in Austin so often. Heehee!


Anyway after a few hours of chatting and eating, we went to the Meet the TCM Panel. That was pretty awesome, just like last year. Each one of the staff members talked about the length of their career at TCM and what they do and their relationships with the talent/guest programmers. Such fascinating stories. I SOOOO hope they get Doris Day to either interview for a Private Screenings or come to a Festival. My fingers are crossed as she is one of my childhood favorites!


After the panel, I went straight to the hotel to get ready for the red carpet. I had been keeping my dress a secret for months and was so excited to wear it! I spent the next two hours dancing and singing to some Lena Horne in my room while ironing the dress and curling my hair at the same time. That was fun. Heehee!


Wehn I got all spiffed up, I headed to Club TCM for the Opening Night Party to say Hi to Lynn and Peter (filmlover), but also caught up with Paula and Sam and Christy (SueSue) for a bit and even met some friends in the process. YAY for new buddies!! Heehee! We all decided to walk over to the red carpet together and on the way crossing the street, a guy ran into me and stepped on my dress and tore the bottom of it. I was so flustered, but just kept on walking, because it was a perfect day. Paula came to my rescue and gave me a safety pin, thank goodness! And did I mention how absolutely gorgeous Paula looked in her 1930's styled black sparled gown? It's no joke! :) Noone could even tell! She was my hero of the night! I did run into Christy and Big T (Cinemaven) on the red carpet and gave both of them a big hug while watching Big T video all the excitement. They were both beautiful and grinning from ear to ear with enthusiasm. I loved watching it!


Seeing Shirley Jones discuss getting her first job in Oklahoma was very touching for me, because I have a father who was absolutely heads over heels in love with her in that film, so I grew up watching it many MANY times. I especially loved hearing Shirley discuss the making of Carousel with Frank Sinatra being the original lead, "Billy". I had always wanted to know the reason he walked off the set from production, but at the same time, I really couldn't see anyone else than McCrae playing it, so I'm happy either way.


Apparently the reason Ol' Frankie walked off the set had to do with Ms. Ava Gardner telling him to high tail it to where production was for Mogambo or she wouldn't ever be marrying him, so he just decided to quit. How random! But a great story and Shirley always got a kick out of it.


I can't post pictures from where I anm, but I shall post them this weekend or the beginning of next week of shirley and Robert speaking and the rest of the day's events.


The Vanity Fair party was quite differentfrom last year. It was on the rooftop of the W Hotel about a mile from the actual Festival, so we were all shuttled there. Being a Wedding/Event Planner, I take notice to all details and the decor was simply marvelous. The back of the main bar had thousands of crystal hanging from the ceiling and the centerpieces from lavish and extravagant. Of course Maureen O'Hara and many others were in the VIP section of the booths. Not many people could get to the talent to shake hands or say hi or anything, but it was fun to watch everyone mingle and see all the pretty dresses and tuxes and suits. Paula saved a booth right at the beginning of the party for us right near the VIP section and some of the staff came over to say hi and chat. You meet so many different people from all over the world at these events and I absolutely LOVE that, especially when you can get someone else's perspective of how they see things and like or dislike them at the festival. What they are there for and why they are in love with classic film. Everyone has a different story to tell. And I love to listen to every one.


Throughout the night, I caught Miss Margaret O' Brien sneaking glances at me from across the table, because she was sitting at the booth right next to ours. Now before I tell you his marvelous story, I have to say that I met two absolutely loverly girls around my age, perhaps a few years older than me from Louisiana who are Physicians and I ran into them at almost every screening I went to and they showed up at the Vanity Fair party as well, so they sat right next to me and chatted whenever I wasn't with the message board people, so I was never really alone, and I loved every second I chatted with these two girls. One of them was obsessed with Judy Garland and the other, with Doris Day, so we got along swimmingly! And It is really refreshing to see people other young people who have a passion for Classic film like I do. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see that! So in between chatting with these beautiful new friends of mine, I look over and Miss O'Brien is looking at me again, so I lean over the bridge in between our booths and ask her how she is enjoying this night of pure perfection. (Just a hint here; She was one of the people that I had told myself I had to meet and have loved her my whole life, so inside, I was freaking out right at this point.) She answered me with a loverly smile and said, "Oh, honey, I'm loving this night, it's pure fun for me and by the way, I'm Margaret O' Brien, the child star!" And she said it with such pep and bubbliness in her voice. I had to giggle. I was thinking in my head, "YOU ARE SO ADORABLE!" but I didn't say that out loud. I told her that I knew who she was and then she told me she had been eyeing my dress for hours and that she loved fashion and new right away that my dress was original vintage. From that point on, she went into this random chat with me about her favorite places to visit in L.A. and her favorite hotels to stay at and the places in the world where she has lived (including Greece and Italy just to name a couple) and her favorite color (In case you were wondering, it's red). At the party, Miss O' Brien wore a cobalt blue strapless gown with bright blue lipstick and blue under eyeliner. I LOVED it! She has such an outgoing personality and just loves to chat and tell people stories about her life, which I had no problems with. We ended up chatting for a good half hour and by the end of the night, she grabbed my arm and said, "I like you, We should be good friends!" Pause for a moment....inside I'm squealing loudly! heehee! What a loverly person inside and out! That made my whole week and it was only just beginning... One of those Louisiana girls I was telling you about had captured a picture of me talking to Margaret O' Brien from the back, so I'll post it as soon as I can for you to see. I love it so much and I love those girls for taking it.


After roaming around and mingling with a few other people I recognized and even some new ones, I left for the night around midnight and got a shuttle back to the Roosevelt. My hotel was about 7 or 8 blocks away, so I walked in my high heels all the way back in pure bliss. I could have gotten mugged on the way there and probably wouldn't have noticed, my head was so far in the clouds. Heehee!


OH! I almost forgot! On my way out of the W hotel, I ran into Ms. Kim Novak! There were two men helping her walk, so I think her legs or feet were hurting from standing and walking around most of the day and she was just as nice as she could be. I kind of accidentally bumped into her coming down the stairs. I apologized and she just smiled and said, "Sweetie, you are just fine." what a sweetheart she is!!


Day 2 coming soon.....

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OH me, Little T!! I love hearing these festival stories and YOURS takes the cake, little darlin'. Getting to meet Miss O'Brien of all things!! That is one of the funnest tales I have heard yet (and that is saying something if you read all the various stories folks are posting! There are so many fun reads going on right now)  


Can't wait to see the pic of  you and lovely Miss O together. If  you are wearing the dress I THINK you were wearing (was it the lovely pale red one?) that really was something and it was a perfect choice for you. No wonder you caught her eye. :D  And then to run into Kim Novak too (ha.. literally!) :D  You were in in the right place at the right time more than once, it sounds like to me. :)  


Good for you kid.. getting to rub elbows with the stars like that. So happy for you and all my TCM Message Board friends to get to be a part of it all. I am with Patful.. I think I may be a bit "green" all over, just hearing about it, ha. (But I mean that in a good way!) :D

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You met Margaret O'Brien. Paint me green with envy.

It was definitely a dream come true for me. :D Okay I am going to try posting an image for the first time on this new board. I'll do it a few ways, because I don't know if it will show the first time. If I accidentally post multiples, that's why. Heehee!


This is me leaning over chatting with Margaret O' Brien.



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Shirley Jones chatting with Robert O about the remastered screening of Oklahoma!. She talked about how she got the screen test and how she didn't ever plan on being an actress, but that she just happened to sing well in life, so she just went along with it. And aren't we all glad she went down that path and married a Cassidy later on? I am!


My mother wanted me to tell her this in person: "My mother had a poster of your son, Sean, on her wall as a teenager and my father was in love with you for many years." But that would have been slightly disturbing, wouldn't it? Heehee! The generations in that statement just baffle me. No I didn't get to meet her, but seeing her up close just talking about her stories was plenty for me. :D


She also told us how her greatest cruch and idol was Gordon McCrae and how she had her own little startruck moment when she was told she would be working with him. I thought that was adorable! Shirley went on to talk about how she was the one responsible for Gordon McCrae getting the main role in Carousel after Frankie Sinatra walked off set. Apparently Gordon was eternally thankful to her for many years after for getting him the job. Sinatra had evidently filmed quite a bit of the film before walking out on the role to flee to his main love Ms Gardner, at the time.


In case you were wondering what the picture of the dress in the glass case is, it is a dress from the filming of Thoroughly Modern Millie. I just HAD to share it, because that one means SO MUCH to me! That film was my absolute favorite musical to watch as a child with my mother and I was ALWAYS in the mood for it. My mom loves to tell people how she always found me dancing to the "Tapioca" song in many places of the house and apparently I screamed "Banana Oil!" everywhere when being silly. Heehee! I haven't really grown out of that, I suppose. :D:P I periodically dance in evevators when noone is in there with me and pretend like that is what makes them go up and down. That will be our little secret and don't laugh, because you know you wanna try it heehee! You can blame Julie andrews...for such wonderfullness. When I first saw the dress, I did a double take and paused in the same place for a long moment, I was SO EXCITED! The poor usher standing next to the case wanted to know if I was okay. My answer was, "Goshly, I am now if I wasn't okay before!"



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OH me, Little T!! I love hearing these festival stories and YOURS takes the cake, little darlin'. Getting to meet Miss O'Brien of all things!! That is one of the funnest tales I have heard yet (and that is saying something if you read all the various stories folks are posting! There are so many fun reads going on right now)  


You're tellin' me! I wasn't expecting that at all! Thank you for replying dahling! I have been reading all the stories, especially SueSue's and Lynn's! They are such wonderful stories! I love reading everyone's perspectives and experiences! I am so glad you are enjoying them too!


Good for you kid.. getting to rub elbows with the stars like that. So happy for you and all my TCM Message Board friends to get to be a part of it all. I am with Patful.. I think I may be a bit "green" all over, just hearing about it, ha. (But I mean that in a good way!)


Well I think you're way too sweet, that's what! Maybe one day you can come with us! I look forward to it! :D


I am typing day 2 as we speak, so stay tuned! YAY!!!!


And as for SueSue's post, I'm so happy to see you on here! Where did you get that picture?! I didn't know it was taken! Ha! It just wouldn't be the same at the festivals without you! I dearly loved seeing you every single day even though you WERE running around everywhere with your media pass. Heehee! I'm glad you got to enjoy lots of it and not just work it.


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Day 2

So the second day rolled around and I couldn't get any sleep from the night before, because I was way too excited and had a bunch of caffeine in my system. If you don't know me in person, I tend to stay away from any type of caffeine, because I have way too much energy on my own, so when I do have any, I'm usually dancing on the ceiling...probably not as well as Fred Astaire would, but you know what I mean. Heehee!

Since I had the Spotlight Pass, I got to have breakfast every morning with Robert and Ben at Club TCM, but they were never there together. It was always either one OR the other. I thought that was interesting. I loved seeing all the other pass holders mingle every morning and always got a morning hug from Paula. YAY!! She always looked gorgeous no matter what she put on. It was like we gave each other a fashioned show every day. What a glorious way to start your day! I did see Paula chatting with Robert O one of those mornings, but I can't remember which one it was. It was quite a lengthy chat as well. I think it was the first morning that Leonard Maltin joined Rober O in greeting each person at the breakfast tables. Maltin came over to the table I was standing at and asked me what I was really wanting to see for the day and I was truly excited about seeing Employees' Entrance, so we got into an entertaining discussion about that film and how noone really remembers it as an early Loretta Young film. I was telling him how I relish all of Young's pre-codes and he agreed with me. He said he thought it was intriguing how she could change so quickly in the industry with her film roles and story-lines, because her films from the 30's are so vastly the opposite of her films from the 40's on..

I also got a giant hug from Ben! He remembered me from interviewing me last year. I honestly didn't think he would remember it so well. And We had a loverly chat and every day he saw in the Roosevelt Hotel, he came up to me and just started talking to me and he told me about his beautiful little girl and showed me pictures and he is just the nicest down to earth person. He is always asking about other people and wondering how you are doing. He really cares! I love that. He looked so tired every single morning, though. I told him that morning hugs make everything better, so every morning, he would ask for a hug. Heehee!

Now the first films of the day that I really wanted to see was On Approval (1944) , but I was chatting so heavily with Mr. Maltin that I forgot the time and ran to the screening and got turned away from the theater being completely full. I have to say that it was the first time I had ever gotten turned away from not enough seating, but then that was my fault for being so chatty. Heehee! So to kill some time in between that film and getting in line for the next film, I walked around and enjoyed seeing all the beautiful art deco architecture of many of the buildings. It's so sad to see some of those perfect building emptied and hollow, because noone is using them.

Anyway, the gang really wanted to go see the Ask Robert Special and the shuttle bus came to pick people up at 12:30, so I rush to see the beginning discussion Of Zulu with Alex Trebek (it wasn't really a discussion, but more of a short introduction) and then headed to the shuttle and didn't get to stay to watch the film. I usually hate doing that, but all the TCM Staff kept telling us that we really needed to go to this special event, so naturally most of us listened and it was a good thing we did.

I think Lynn and Christy told everyone on their own threads about the Ask Robert special event and all the guests, so I won't go into too much detail. I did take pictures of a lot of the event! My favorite part was when Alex Trebek introduced Robert Wagner and Jill St. John to the stage. I was sitting in the front row with the whole gang and I was right in between Christy and Lynn. As soon as Robert Wagner walked out on stage, I grabbed both of their arms beside me. I couldn't believe it! Jonathan Hart was standing in front of me!!! It was a REALLY big deal for me! I was freaking out, because Hart to Hart was my whole childhood! It's in my top 5 favorite TV Shows of all time, so you could imagine my surprise! And his wife, Jill St. John hasn't aged at all. She was absolutely stunning! They started talking to Robert about a joke that had happened a long time ago and they were all laughing together. Oh it was the perfect moment! My grandmama was squealing when she found out. Heehee!

After Ask Robert, we all headed back to The Roose, and as soon as we walked into the lobby, Christy, Paula and I found Ms. Margaret O' Briend again just sitting there with a few people....and she was wearing her favorite color, red. Cute as a button!!! Christy really wanted her to sign a copy of "Meet Me in St. Louis" sheet music, so we all sat and chatted for a while. Then Ms. O' Brien pointed to me and said, "GASP! I see you're wearing another vintage dress today!" I'm pretty surely she had just finished her discussion at the screening of Meet Me in St. Louis, but I missed that, because of Ask Robert. Oh, but I have no complaints, believe me. :D

After spending some down time between screenings, the gang went to dinner and they were all planning to go see Blazing Saddles to see Mel Brooks speak beforehand. I have to honest in that I had yet to see all of Blazing Saddles from beginning to the finish, but I desperately wanted to see Employees' Entrance on the big screen, so that was my original plan....Was my plan, is the key phrase until I got a bunch of puppy dog pouts from Lynn, her husband, Paula AND Christy saying I really needed to see it. Heehee! But they were such cute pouts! I had to comprehend!! I just had to! David (kingrat) decided to stick to his guns and not cave in, so he went to see Loretta without me. :P So Paula and I went in first to save seats for everyone. All I have to say about Mr. Brooks is that he is a CHATTER! Whew! Robert really didn't have to talk or ask a lot of questions, Brooks just went into all these stories about casting and behind the scenes. I loved his story about casting Madeline Kahn. I will watch her in any film and love her to bits. He said that she wanted the part, so she came into his office and just started singing the song from the film on a chair, using the chair quite provocatively and that's how she got the part. After the film was over, everyone leaned froward to look at me quizzically wondering how I liked the film and I can say in all honesty that I don't regret going with them or watching the whole film, but it wasn't my favorite. Maybe because of the sexual inuendos going on every 5 seconds. I did appreciate the story, though. I thought the idea was quite funny. But it's just so in your face. Please noone hate me for saying that. I know Blazing Saddles is a very loved film.

After that last screening, the day wound down quite a bit and I headed to the hotel. But the best part of the whole day was when I was halfway there and a little 6 year old girl rolled down the window to an SUV she was in at a stop light to yell out, "We love you Cinderella!" I started giggling SO hard! I don't know if that was a compliment or not. I felt like one of those people on the sidewalk of the blvd who dress up like characters and actors. Not exactly what I was going for, but I took it as a good thing, because that little girl was too cute for words. Heehee!


David (Kingrat) enjoying dinner with all of us!


Mel Brooks



Day 3 to be continued...20140411_210557_zpsjpsyx5vd.jpg

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Little T, I loved reading about all your adventures and reliving all the fun we had! So glad we were all able to see the 'Tribute to Robert' together, and visit along the way. Our dinners and seeing Blazing Saddles together was a highlight of my trip!


Your photos are so much fun! I love your special candlelight tete a tete with Margaret O'Brien. I can't wait for day 3! Tee Hee! :-)

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maybe one day you can come with us


Oh wouldn't that be fun?? ha. Alas, I don't see that in my budget anytime soon. My goodness me, ha. I wouldn't know how to act, ha. I haven't been on a vacation since.. um.. 1998. (she said, as she hung her head sheepishly) HA! :D


So alas, I will probably end up just being a "reader" rather than a visitor, but boy, I sure do enjoy getting to see all the pics and hear all the stories. (what can I say.. ha.. I take all my vacations vicariously, by listening to everyone else's stories) :)


But my goodness, just look at  you Little T.. chatting it up with our beloved Mr. O and Ben like you were best buds (ha.. and I wouldn't be surprise if you WERE) Goodness me, it sounds like it was quite the gathering. And I love that you got a second chance to see Miss Obrien too. (and of course she noticed your dress.. you looked FAB, kid) :)


And then, ha..  Mr. Maltin strolls by and you just leisurely discuss Loretta's precodes, as if it were the most natural thing on the planet, ha.  (Meanwhile.. ha.. if I WERE there, I'd be going.. "What.. Loretta made some pre-codes?" ha.


So see.. even if I DID go,  I would likely be such a fish out of water to be mixing it up with so many folks who are so well-known (and who know so much about film history and stars, and the like)  I would just be sitting there all "bugged-eyed' and gawking at the pretty people, ha, too dumb-founded to speak. 


HEY.. now THAT's something. ha. (the first time I might be at a loss for words.. ha. Maybe folks could take up a collection for me to go.. just to enjoy THAT moment, ha)   :D


All kidding aside, youngun. I am so glad to hear about all the tales. These will be the memories of a lifetime, kiddo. Enjoy! 


(oh and PS: I am w/ you on Blazing Saddles. ha. It has never been a fave.. I have never been able to get through it.. but all the same,  I bet just listening to Mel Brooks chatting it up was a real hoot!)   :)

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Day 3


It was a gorgeous morning in Hollywood! It was quite cloudy and lukewarm with a cool breeze. Now I live in Austin, Texas, so that is a pure treat for me. Heehee! I LOVE cloudy days. People say my personality should like sunny days and I do, but cloudy days just make me all warm and fuzzy inside. We don't get many of those days in Austin.


Like every morning, I woke up at 7 and ironed my dress of the day and walked down to the glorious Roosevelt Hotel to have breakfast with the other Spotlight pass holders. This time I got to chat with this loverly couple at one of the tables. Oh, they were SO NICE to me! The wife was the granddaughter of a silent movie actress who name escapes me and I am completely beating myself up over it. I should have written the name down, but I didn't have a pen and paper at the time. Maybe Lynn would remember. I told her about the story when we were together later in the day. Oh, this is eating me up inside, I was trying to think of the name all night. Anyway, they were telling me that a friend of theirs who worked at a studio went digging in a warehouse in a European country, and they found a bunch of her grandmother's lost films and in the huge amount that they found, he also found many Alfred Hitchcock silents that were lost. Noone has seen any of these films for many years and my eyes got SO BIG! Heehee! They said that many of those recovered films are in the process of being re-mastered and brought into the light of day for people to see in the future. I wonder when they will actually be released for public view.


After chatting about her grandmother for a considerable amount of time, which I LOVED, her husband started telling me about how his wife had witnessed a car accident many years ago with Kim Novak in the car. The wife then cut in saying that she had seen the car ahead of her collide with something on the side of the road and she got out of her car to see if the person in it was okay and she saw Kim Novak right in front of her. She then called 911 and helped her out of the car. I thought that was an awesome story! My grandpa and my mother were both paramedics when I was growing up and I used to witness many car accidents and wreck scenes and it affected me greatly as a ,seeing all that trauma, but whenever someone tells me they helped an accident victim, I always smile and thank them for it, because it's those kinds of people in this world that make life wonderful. I'm surely Ms Novak was thankful as well.


So after dinner, I headed to a screening of Disney's The Jungle Book at the El Capitan Theater and saw a friend there from last year, so he sat with me through the show and it was so wonderful to see that on the big screen. Ben introduced the film and said that he had just seen it for the first time a few weeks before this year's festival. My jaw dropped! His excuse for not ever seeing it before now was that "My parents just hated me I guess." Heehee! He said it with the biggest grin! I hope he cultures his little girl with the Disney greats!  Before the screening, they had an electric organ on the stage playing a montage of Disney hits and the soundtrack of The Jungle Book. It was just like seeing Ethel Smith from Bathing Beauty in front of me! It was awesome! This guy was good too!


Mary Poppins was supposed to be screened right after The Jungle Book, so I rushed out of the theater to get right back in line again. I thought that was funny. So Paula and I stood in the Spotlight Pass lane with many other people. Of course we saved seats again for the gang! YAY! I love it when we all sit together! The same guy who was playing the electric organ was playing more Disney tunes, especially those from Mary Poppins and it was AWESOME!


It was so gorgeous to see the bright colors come alive on the big screen and how can anyone turn down seeing Julie Andrews with surround sound? I'm just saying! Heehee! I think Lynn, her husband and Paula all left a little before the ending of the film to go wait for Thelma Shoonmaker, but I stayed to the end, because I really wanted to see Richard Sherman speak about the making of the film after. It was a real treat to see him. He gave us a very short low-down on the real story behind author, P. L. Travers and working with her and also working with Disney. He would be talking more later in the day at Club TCM, but I wasn't fortunate enough to be there for the second interview.


On the way out of the El Capitan, I ran into the absolutely loverly Cinemaven (Big T), who happened to be first in line to see Maureen O' Hara speak about How Green Was My Valley, so I got to chat for quite a few minutes with her before sprinting to Club TCM for Thelma Shoonmaker. She was very enjoyable to listen to. I was extra ecstatic about hearing her talk about her husband, Director, Michael Powell. I am a fan of his work and really enjoyed the stories of his. She also talked quite a bit about working with Martin Scorsesse on Raging Bull. She won her Oscar for Editing that film.


About the time Thelma Shoonmaker was finished, I was about to pass out, because I hadn't eaten much for a long while, so I got some food and then ran with a very full tummy to Club TCM once again for the Hollywood Home Movies showing. I remembered from last year how much I enjoyed watching the home movies, so I was excited! My favorite part was seeing Alfred Hitchcock teaching his dog how to juggle. He really was just a big teddy bear! AAWWW!!! Heehee!


It was about nighttime by now and I really wanted to see Kim Novak speak about Bell, Book, and Candle at the Egyptian Theater. I sat front row for that discussion with her and Robert O, which was the most interesting discussion, If I do say so, of the entire festival. The conversation started like this:


Robert: So how was working on the film with Jimmy Stewart?

Kim: Well, first can I speak out against bullying if it's okay?


And she really wanted to let things off her chest about being bullied after her appearance at the Academy Awards. She explained about how she appeared and she said that it was extraordinarily difficult to speak in front of the audience at the Oscars, because she didn't think they really cared about her or even knew who she was, but then followed that with loving being at the TCM Film Festivals because she knows she is cared about there and is always greeted so warmly and she isn't ever afraid to speak her mind in front of us. I found that interesting. She had such low self-esteem. I wanted to jump out of my seat and give her the biggest hug ever! You could just see the silent tears pouring from her eyes. You could tell that she appreciated the people at the Festival and all they did for her confidence. I found the dicsussion very inspirational. After that, I got to watch the movie with my head tilted all the way back so I could see the whole movie. Heehee! At the end, I had the biggest crick in my neck, but it was totally worth it.


For my final place to stop by, was to see Anna Kendrick introduce The Women. Now by the time this film had started, it was already 9:30ish at night and I really wanted to ice my ankle that I had really messed up about a week before the festival while running. So I left the movie about half an hour into it. I didn't want to, but I was really uncomfortable. Could you imagine running all day long on a red ankle? Whew! I guess it's a goog thing I only wore heels on the first and last day. But honestly I wasn't going to complain as long as I had ice at the hotel every night. Heehee! What a BEAUTIFUL day!!!


So my post was a little on the long side, but it was a crazy busy day! So I hope you don't mind my chattiness. Heehee! If you do, let me know and I'll tone it down a notch.


Photos will be posted soon. To be continued with Day 4: The last day of the Festival....

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Oopsey I accidentally posted the same on twice. Ill fix it. The other one is on the top...




Lynn and her husband at dinner one of the nights. I'm not quite surely which night it was, because a lot of them blend together, but they are just TOO CUTE not to post. <3 <3 The other pic is of TCM's Tom Brown (to the left) and Sean Cameron (to the right). Mr. Sean Cameron saw me eating lunch one day in the outside mall across from the festival and thought it would be really funny if he freaked me out through the window while trying to eat my sushi. I had to slug him in the arm for that one. Heehee! It's okay, I made up for it with a daily hug. I must have a sign on my forehead that says, "I love getting picked on, so take your best shot" Woe is me! Whatever shall I do?! and you know everyone's answer? "It's because you're so much fun to pick on!" I guess I can take that..sheesh!...and that, folks, was my dramatic appearance for the day.

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