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Exactly, MissW. Congratulations on pin pointing the lady.


I've seen a few of the photos taken of Garbo as she skirted about the streets enjoying her anonymity, but I think that this perfectly framed shot is one of the best.


This picture was taken on January 24, 1955 in New York City. There's something about seeing those buildings stretching in the background while, in the foreground, is a figure dressed in black no one notices who, a quarter of a century earlier, was possibly the most famous woman in the world.


Looking at those shoes, too, it strikes me that the tales about the actress having big feet may have some validity to them.


A photo like this is very much a part of the mystique and legend of Garbo, though as the years go by, I wonder how much longer that legend may last. How many outside of someone on a movie board like this would be able to identify that figure in the photo?

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*{font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif}The {font}{font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif}skyline {font}*{font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif}*is so different. Look how "small" the buildings are.*


I'm not familiar with New York City. Possibly there are others who may recognize this street, though clearly this shot is a time capsule of 1955.


A lot has changed since an anonymous Garbo explored those streets. {font}

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