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Favorite movie and actor

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I could watch "Random Harvest" with Ronald Coleman, Greer Garson, and the great supporting cast everyday. Another alltime favorite is the Australian classic "Breaker Morant" of the Boer War. Incredible ending and courtroom sequences. A third alltime favorite from more recent vintage is "Road to Perdition". Tom Hanks and the great Paul Newman are classic together. Amazing movie score and cinematography to me.

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Welcome to the boards, 'classicfan'! I hope you enjoy your time here. For me it's hard to pick my favorite classic movie - it really depends on what day of the week it is... But Gable is one of my all-time favorite actors and I agree that he was handsome. :) My favorite actress is Barbara Stanwyck. Which other movies/actors/actresses do you like?

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Gone With the Wind is a really good love story? You mean between Melanie and Ashley, I hope (because there isn't any love between Rhett and Scarlet).


Anyhow, to answer your question;


Favorite movie: The Petrified Forest.


Favorite actor; Leslie Howard (but GWTW isn't one of my favorite roles for him)

Favorite actress: Bette Davis



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Favorite actor: Toshiro Mifune

Favorite movie he was in: The Bad Sleep Well


Favorite American actor: Burt Lancaster

Favorite movie he was in: The Killers


Favorite actress: Barbara Stanwyck

Favorite movie she was in: Witness to Murder

Favorite "good" role she played in: Selina in So Big

Favorite "bad" role she played in: Lily Powers in Baby Face


Favorite movie, period: Angi Vera (Veronika Pap and Tamas Dunai)

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Casablanca (I know it's cliche) will always be my all-time favorite movie. BUT that being said, it is hard to pick favorites. Here are some of my favorite actors:


Classic- 1. Thomas Mitchell

2. Cary Grant

3. James Stewart

4. Clark Gable

5. Gary Cooper

6. John Wayne

7. Spencer Tracy

Just to name a few. :)


Some of my favorite movies:

1. Friendly Persuasion (starring Gary Cooper)

2. My Favorite Wife(Cary Grant)

3. It's a Wonderful Life

4. 12 O'clock High (Gregory Peck)

5. Red River (John Wayne)

6. Captains Courageous (Spencer Tracy)

7. I Was A Male War Bride (Cary Grant)


It's too hard to name all the favs. I could go on forever! :)


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Jamesjazz wrote

>Gone With the Wind is a really good love story? You mean between Melanie and Ashley, I hope (because there isn't any love between Rhett and Scarlet).


I don't know about that. I think Rhett loved Scarlett, but she was so wrapped up in her bizarre infatuation for Ashley for so long that she finally killed his love. Being Scarlett (and completely perverse), she chooses that moment to realize that she is actually in love with him. Or as much as she can be, given that her first love will always be for herself...

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I don't think Rhett loved Scarlett. He wanted her, he desired her, but he didn't love her. Only silly boys like her two husbands would love a women like Scarlett.


As for Scarlett; As you somewhat imply I don't think she was able to love anyone other than her father. What we see at the ending isn't love but instead just her realizing that if she had to have a man in her life it might as well be Rhett.


(but yea, if you cannot tell, I'm very cynical about these two!).

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You have to separate the "book" Scarlett from the "movie" Scarlett, I think. Book Scarlett was not ravishingly beautiful like Vivien Leigh. She was vivacious and vicious and flirty and loved being the center of attention, but she was certainly not beautiful. Rhett would definitely have noticed Scarlett at the Twelve Oaks BBQ, but I don't know if she'd have aroused raging lust in him, especially since his feelings did not seem to abate for 10 years! I think this is a minor mistake that Selznick made in casting Vivien Leigh. (I've conceded on another thread that she actually was perfect for the role, the times and her co-star, instead of Bette Davis, who I'd have loved to see in the role)


I think Rhett came to love her because he recognized a kindred spirit in Scarlett and admired her ability (and willingness) to step in and do the "man's" work. You can see it in the way he watches her, with that hope in his eyes, the way he cared for her during the honeymoon when she woke crying from nightmares and finally in his grief over causing her to lose the baby. He's seen what she does to men who admit they love her and so he's very careful not to reveal his feelings to her, except subtly and unfortunately, Scarlett doesn't understand subtle.



Ive known people like Rhett--they will be patient and loyal and forgiving, up to a certain point. But once you go past that point and they decide that they are finished with you, they mean it. As much as the (admittedly small) romantic part of me wants Scarlett to get him back, in some future installment of the saga ( _Scarlett_ doesn't count--it was ridiculous) I know in reality, it would never happen. :(

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IF I can have JUST one, my fave is 'The OxBow Incident' Fox 1943 Fonda, supported by Harry -then Henry - Morgan. Jane Darwell is impossible to be upstaged in this film. She is dynamite. And the movie, directed by Bill Wellman, moves like lightning. There is not one bad performance in it.

Incidentally, someone earlier mentioned 'The Killers' as their fave movie - 1946, I believe. YES, it is superb. AND, a young Ava Gardner is superb in it. Watch her at the end, when she is hoping her husband has enough life in him to say she was not involved in the crime. Also, Virginia Christine (later Mrs. Olson in the coffee commercials) has a GOOD supporting role.

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I agree with others who remark "it's hard to choose just one".....that being said, I love the 1934 version "Of Human Bondage" with Bette Davis and Leslie Howard. Bette was so hungry back then and her character so delightfully distasteful. Each time I watch it I hope she'll change her ways.


"When ever you kissed me, I always used to wipe my mouth, WIPE MY MOUTH!!"


She is fantastic as is Leslie Howard in his role too.

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