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Looking for film title of uber cheesy scifi flick seen on TCM!


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I am looking for the title of, as stated, a super cheesy scifi flick I saw on TCM a few years ago. I was successful in finding it previously but, alas, I cannot find it now.


The elements that stand out the most will be given for clues. First, there are "visitors" to Earth (futuristic earth) that are tall, have large, square shoulders and black glasses to match their black either knee length or floor length coats. Their heads are bald and their skin is white or bluish gray. I think they're robots maybe? Or alien robots. They inject people with something to put them to sleep for whatever reason - it was 6 years ago, memory is a little foggy.


There is a scene where the heroes are "flying" in their spaceship through a city scape as they are in hot pursuit of someone (again, memory) and the cuts are between the spacecraft - which is cleary suspended from fishing string and being swung back and forth - and the cockpit view, where the actors shift from side to side to simutlate the dodging of the buildings.


I thought it was from either 1963 or 1964. I have performed a search as I had before but I have come up short! I want this movie badly and I need help finding it!





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