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(Return of) TCM Flix to Groove HARD To!!! Fri, May 17-Fri, May 24!!!!


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TCM Flix to Groove HARD To!!! Fri, May 17-Fri, May 24!!!


Hi everyone! Sorry about being "awol" on the grooves lately! So busy at

work and all kinds of projects, haven't had the time to check in on these

boards too much lately! Sorry 'bout that! From here on out, I'm

probably going to try to focus primarily on stuff that totally grooves my

heart out and that may skip some stuff that you might dig, but no

worries, post your grooves here, and we'll groove together!


First up, wow, sorry for the late notice, but today's lineup is pretty

rockin'! Right now, playing is a rarely screened flick, MAD HOLIDAY

(1936), comedy/mystery flick that I've not seen before that stars Edmund

Lowe, Elissa Landi, Zasu Pitts (fan fave!), and Ted Healy! Can't wait to

check this one out from the trusty DVR! (which is WAY full by the

way!!)!! Then next it's the 1937 version of THE THIRTEENTH CHAIR with

Dame May Whitty, Madge Evans and Lewis stone! Totally dig on this one,

and it's been a while since I've seen it! Really curious about the next

one, PIERRE OF THE PLAINS (1942), starring John CArroll, Ruth Hussey and

Bruce Cabot, looks obscure enough to want to check it out at least once!!

Then it's everyone's favorite fussy lady, Edna May Oliver rockin' it out

with the lusciously lovely Maureen O'Sullivan and Walter Pidgeon in MY

DEAR MISS ALDRICH (1937)!! Dig it! Maureen shows up the rest of the

daytime with a nice tribute, including such flix as SPORTING BLOOD

(1940), SPRING MADNESS (1938) and WHERE DANGER LIVES (1950), the latter a

nice noir with Mitch, Faith Domergue and Claude Rains!!


Tonight, man, if you've never seen Kirk Douglas in ACE IN THE HOLE from

1951, you gotta tune in tonight!!! Directed by Billy Wilder his own bad

self, it also features a turn from the sexy Jan Sterling, and is just a

bad-a-s-s flick you gotta catch! I'm also gonna dig on Phil Silvers and

Rose Marie in TOP BANANA (1954) which follows!


Saturday morning, a flick I've not seen before, THE GEORGE RAFT STORY

(1961), well, I dig me some Raft, and even though he's not in the flick,

I gotta check it out! 10:45am est is "Falcon time" on TCM and Tom Conway

gets into full swing in his first full entry in the series, and it's a

goodie, with Jane Randolph, Edgar Kennedy, Rita Corday, Cliff Clark, and

Harriet Hilliard in THE FALCON STRIKES BACK (1943), and boy, does he



Sunday at noon, I gotta be checkin' in with Dick Powell, Evelyn Keyes and

Lee J Cobb in the riveting noir, JOHNNY O'CLOCK (1947)!!!

Sunday night Silents, are all about the serial, JUDEX from 1917!!! Gotta

be diggin' hard!!


Though cheesy as heck, I am totally gonna be groovin' hard to the Monday

night feature on "Secret Agent Spoofs"!!! Man, OUR MAN FLINT (1966), THE

SILENCERS (1966) and MURDERER's ROW (1966), the latter two with Dino

himself! Then it's Vincent Price and lotsa cuties in DR. GOLDFOOT AND


thinks of these titles???!! ****! Ok, rock and roll, fun all nighter



Little bit of a Robert Montgomery tribute block early Tuesday,

particularly HIDE-OUT (1934) with Maureen O'Sullivan (hotcha!!), Edward

Arnold, The Mick, and Edward Brophy!! And the pre-code THE EASIEST WAY

(1931) with the sexy (I think anyway!!) Constance Bennett and Adolphe



Wow, the Tough Guys theme on Tuesday nights really rocks the house this

week, with the heavy hitters! Eddie G in LITTLE CAESAR (1930), Bogie in

THE PETRIFIED FOREST (1936), Cagney in WHITE HEAT (1949), and as if that

isn't enough, perhaps the film with the toughest motley group ever on

film in the prison drama, BRUTE FORCE (1947), followed by a pre-code

early talkie prison drama with Chester Morris, Wallace Beery, and Lewis

Stone, THE BIG HOUSE (1930)!!! This totally rocks! Another all-nighter!


Am I ever gonna get to work??? :)


Man, Thursday daytime is really when the grooves kick in hard, hard, hard! First up, the excellent documentary about Frances Marion leads off at 6am EST! Then a 1929 flick I've not seen before, COQUETTE, with Mary Pickford and John Mack Brown! Can't wait! Then it's the 1929 version of THE LAST OF MRS CHEYNEY, with Norma Shearer, Basil Rathbone and Hedda Hopper!!! Another flick follows that I've not seen before, from 1929, THE VOICE OF THE CITY, don't recognize who is in it, which makes me want to see it even more!!! Then Norma Shearer returns in THE DIVORCEE (1930) with Chester Morris! Another flick I've not seen before, wow, THE LIFE OF THE PARTY (1930) with Winnie Lightner!!! Then a rare flick, been a long time, THE OFFICE WIFE also from 1930, with **** Dorothy MacKaill, Lewis Stone, and the luscious Joan Blondell!!! From 1931, it's TCM board fave, Joel McCrea and Dorothy MacKaill along with Ned Sparks, in KEPT HUSBANDS (1931)!!! Then, though it's been on recently, always dig it, THE SECRET SIX (1931) with Clark Gable, Wallace Beery, Lewis Stone, John Mack Brown, and the blonde bombshell herself, Jean Harlow!!! And it wraps up nicely with another awesome documentary, COMPLICATED WOMEN from 2003!! If you dig the early 30's, pre-code and early talkies, you will absolutely dig on Thursday!


And as if that isn't enough, it's a Harold Lloyd all-nighter, with mostly very early silents, most of which I've never seen before, OMG, it's outta control here!!! Gotta love it, and TCM you are making it tough for me to get to sleep nights with these kind of overnight lineups, brothers and sisters!!! WOW!!!


Next Friday kicks off with some pre-code joy, SADIE MCKEE (1934) with Joan Crawford, Franchot Tone and Gene Raymond, then it's the luscious Ruth Chatterton in LILLY TURNER (1933), an excellent pre-code drama with George Brent, Guy Kibbee, Robert Barrat, Ruth Donnelly, and my main man Frank McHugh!!! Finally, it's Irene Dunne, Walter Huston and Conrad Nagel in another excellent pre-code drama, ANN VICKERS (1933)!!! Dig it!


Wow! Thanks for reading, and thanks to TCM for all these awesome amazing flix!!! I need a bigger DVR though!!!! Or win the lottery so I can just stay home and watch! :) Big show of gratitude to TCM and all the groovy viewers who hang out on these boards! Have missed ya!


Edited by: markbeckuaf cos somehow the formatting on part of the post was all messed up!

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It is very nice to see you have returned to posting the weekly grooves. I will forgive you your recent neglecting of your duties because it is so very nice to have you when we can. ;)


I have not watched yet *The Thirteenth Chair* (1937). The description and cast was intriguing and so I had it DVRed.


The odd thing for *The Falcon Strikes Back* (1943) is that the description in the guide is reasonably accurate. That is a thing very rare for the Falcon movies.


It is sad to say I will not be able to watch *Bride of Frankenstein* (1935) when it airs or listen to the comments as Saturday evenings are now Doctor Who time.


We are recording all of *Judex* so that we may watch it when it is complete. I believe that it is a fantasy that I will ever have so much free time in one piece that I will be able to watch more than two episodes in one day but I would hate to have the time but not the next installment.


I must wonder if *Carry on Spying* (1964) is part of the series of movies. I will have to research that. I find some of them wonderfully funny and I find others dreadfully dull.


*Hide-Out* (1934) is indeed a movie with which to groove! It is sad that the schedule lists it as a drama and that the description is so very wrong as I am sure it will cause many people to not have interest in it.


*Mr. and Mrs. Smith* (1941) is totally groovilicious!


*My Life With Caroline* (1941) is one also which is groovy to the max!


It is not easy to say if I prefer *The Last of Mrs. Cheyney* (1929) more than the (1937) version. It will never be easy for me to decide between Basil Rathbone and William Powell. ;)


I do hope this signals a return to weekly grooves!

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Sans Fin, thank you so very much!!! :)


I'm glad you groove to the grooves! I'm also so happy to hear of the grooves you dig as well!


I hope you will share with us how you thought about THE THIRTEENTH CHAIR?? I also hope TCM will once again screen the very rare 1929 version of this flick, which features Bela Lugosi!!!! I only caught it ever once, a long time ago, on TCM and have not seen it on the schedule again since then.


I hope you'll be digging on the THE FALCON STRIKES BACK this morning!!


I know what you mean about the two versions of THE LAST OF MRS CHEYNEY!! I can't decide on that one either, it's a toss-up!! Very cool that we have both of them to dig!


I so agree with you about HIDE OUT, what an awesome flick, highly recommended to anyone who has not had the chance to see it!


My plan is to try to stay on top of things weekly as much as possible! Thank you!!! Have a great weekend!

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Mark, it's great to have you back! I guess if you have to be busy, in this bad economy, it's good to be busy with work! I know you said that times had been tough.


Thanks for the lineup, and when you have time, please drop by the boards. Your enthusiasm is infectious as always!

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> {quote:title=markbeckuaf wrote:}{quote}

> I hope you will share with us how you thought about THE THIRTEENTH CHAIR??


It was in many ways what I believed it would be and it was in several very important ways very different from what I expected.


Lewis Stone played his role in his typical understated style and it was as if I was looking in on an old friend.


Dame May Whitty played her role with excellence as always but I was not comfortable with the character. I believe the role was not written for her as it did not have her inner strengths.


I do not wish to give a spoiler for those who have not yet watched it but I was reminded of the old advice that if you throw a thing up very high it is very well hidden for a very short period of time.


> My plan is to try to stay on top of things weekly as much as possible!


I have taken on the philosophy to take each day as it comes. It is sad to say that it seems of late that two or three days are ganging up on me at once.

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Sans Fin, thank you SO much for taking your time to share your thoughts about THE THIRTEENTH CHAIR, the 1937 version, which TCM screened for us earlier this week. I agree with you about your thoughts regarding Lewis Stone. I used to not really care for him too much (except for his later roles), but I've re-discovered him lately and have become much more fond of him. I saw him in several excellent roles recently, this being one of them, THE SECRET SIX another. He really does have that feel of an old friend who you feel comfortable watching.


What I also found refreshing about this mystery is the seeming lack of a "comedy relief" element. I sometimes enjoy that, but it seems to crop up so much in mysteries of the 30's and 40's, that it can seem rare when it's not present, and I found that a welcome and refreshing change whilst watching this flick.


I totally grooved to it!

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