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Why the PROFANITY????


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Am I alone in my unhappiness at the addition of profanity to TCM?


I have been a fan of TCM for years. As well as showing uncut classic films that I can't watch anywhere else, TCM was always a "safe haven" from the profanity and just plain trash that has taken over most of the television networks.


The first time I was "ambushed" by "A Fish Called Wanda" I couldn't believe I was on the same channel.


It was introduced with all the fanfare of a "classic comedy." The first time the curse words came vomiting their way into my living room I was so startled I couldn't believe I was watching TCM. To my sadness, I was.


I have since watched TCM "inch" it's way deeper and deepen into the garbage pit by continuing to add more and more films that contain profanity and even brief nudity.


Being a witness to the "self mutilation" of a once great TV network is, to say the least, no fun at all.


Is this issue of concern to anyone else? How about you?


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So long as TCM insists on showing modern films on occasion, there will be profanity and nudity from time to time. I don't think TCM needs to show the moderns, but since they do, I wouldn't want to see TCM censor any of them. Is it really that big of a problem? Your concern is with modern film, not TCM. Nearly all the programming is the older profanity-free classics. Just watch those and you'll be all right.

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Profanity for "shock" value isn't an asset to a film IMHO. There are some films such as SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and FULL METAL JACKET that would be unrealistic without profanity. TCM caters to a broad audience, therefore the latter day films with their nudity and profanity. But better that than censorship!

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I know most people are torn on this issue. Personally, I don't mind profanity in film, music, art, etc., unless of course, it is used to the point of distraction. I am concerned, as I've stated in a previous post, of the proliferation of Television watchdog groups who are working to "clean up" the airwaves. They are more or less threatening sponsors of shows they deem offensive. Now I've read that not only are the major networks impacted, but these groups are also beginning to look into cleaning up shows that appear on cable television.


There is one group in particular, The Parent's Television Council (PTC), that is pushing for Government regulation to clean up shows that appear on cable television. To each his own, but this appalls me. I pay for the programming I receive on cable television, and for better or worse, I actually enjoy shows like DEADWOOD, THE SHIELD, NIP/TUCK, RESCUE ME, and THE SOPRANOS, to name a few, that are all a bit loose with the language. But as a paying customer, I don't want the government regulating what I pay to see. I also don't care for these group's members threatening sponsors of shows with boycotts, just because they are offended by them. To me, that borders on extortion.


The best thing these groups could do is just ignore these shows, because when their outrage makes the news, and it has, it simply provides extra publicity for these shows. I can see the other side of the argument, as well. I'm sure parents don't want their children exposed to certain programming, but as an adult, I don't want the protection of these groups that want to instill their 'values' onto the airwaves. These groups can monitor their children's viewing, as well as their own, because the outrage of these groups tell me that it's the ADULTS that are really offended by certain programs, for whatever reason.


Anyway, I'm sorry that some people are offended by profanity that sometimes occurs on TCM. It's understandable, but in the same light, I applaud TCM for not censoring these films. As far as A FISH CALLED WANDA is concerned, I think it's brilliant.......

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Bingo, Keith! Parents are the one who need to be monitoring what their children watch...all TV progams and movies come with warnings concerning profanity, nudity, violent, etc., so that they easily can.


Personally, I get real sick myself of the profanity in some of today's movies....so I make a personal adult choice to avoid movies that I definitely feel are filled with way too much of it. And, those who know me, also know that I'm far from being a "prude". ;)


The fact remains that "times" have changed. Our world has changed. Many of us follow the belief that "less is better", but this doesn't mean that we need government restrictions to monitor that which is offensive...we only need to be more "selective" concerning what we watch in theatres and on our TV sets.


As for what TCM shows, the few movies that they have started showing that might be offensive to people are very few and far between. They have also had to keep up with the "times" and today's audiences as they move up and into more current years in selecting the Classics we are shown.


So, "Indianbear10"...I know how you feel, but don't give up on TCM...it's still the best channel you'll have to see hundreds of movies every month that every family can sit down together and watch without being exposed to anything that is "offensive". Welcome aboard, and keep posting with us, too! Your opinions also count here. :)ML

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Well Indianbear10; lest you think you're alone in this weary world let me say I'm on your side all the way.


The preceding replies are obviously stacked against you, but take heart: if you want to be sure of your position in today's world all you have to do is determine what the "politically correct" position is and then take the opposite. Numbers don't count when you're right, and you're right my friend. TMC is leaving it's core group behind; they just don't know it yet.


A year or two from today, if TCM holds true to their present slow but sure inclusion of "modern" films, the channel will be unrecognizable.


They're following the plan successfully used by Bravo, A&E and many others. That is, they use the "Boil the Frog" method. It's the idea that if you drop a frog in a pan of hot water, it will jump out. But, if you set the frog in a pan of cool water and then slowly heat it, you can raise the water to the boiling point and cook the frog. It takes place so slowly that the little green critter doesn't take notice of his own demise. It's a very successful trick.


In large part we have been taught what is "realistic" in films not by any standard of genuine moral values, but by Hollywood film makers. They were among the first early (and very successful) users of the Boil the Frog trick. They've been turning up the heat for years and most of the public, like sleepy frogs, have been boiled. Cursing, sexual trash, out right blasphemy, you name it - all are now acceptable as being "realistic." Perhaps as little as fifty years ago many of these so called "realistic" films would have caused theaters to be closed in protest. If it wasn't so sad, it would be downright laughable.


In reply to the stand that this kind of thing is only a "small part" of what TCM airs, I offer the story of "The Chili and the Rats."


A man sits down in a diner and orders a bowl of chili. The waiter informs the man that in keeping with his personal standard of honesty, he must inform the customer that rats have been discovered in the kitchen. On average, he estimates that each small bowl of chili contains two to three rat t--ds. They're very small and as they're mixed in with the chili, they're not really noticeable at all. He just thought he ought to tell him. So, "do you want the small bowl or the large bowl?"


The eaters of the TCM chili are right in one respect. The advice to change the channel is always good. However, that does not take into account what you call the "ambush." If you, like me, don't pay much attention to "modern" movies, then you often don't know which films may or may not be offensive to you. The "Wanda" thing being one of them. I turned off a running of that film also. And no, there was no indication during the introduction that the contents may have been offensive to some portion of it's audience. If you're warned, then changing the channel is a viable option. If you're not, and you're not familiar with the film, then you become the victim of the "ambush."


For the moment Indianbear10 I'm afraid the "chili eaters" hold the fort. But take heart; as I said at the beginning you're not alone. Truth and one man (or woman) are always the real majority.


I'm not saying all this to start a "flame war" with the chili eaters or any such silliness. But, as they are entitled to their opinions you and I are also entitled to ours. That's "realistic."


I will continue to watch TCM and enjoy the classic films. But, as my trust has already been violated more than once, I will view any new films with a greater degree of suspicion than before.


I've found that checking an unknown films contents on IMDB.com is very helpful. Perhaps this would be of value to you. All the best to you Indianbear10.







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Boiling frogs and chili with rat ****, Harveysrabbit?? What on earth are you on about? I can respect your opinion, although it's obvious that you are a prude. You obviously think that any entertainment with cursing or sexual overtones is "outright blasphemy." You also bring out the tired argument that 'realistic' films are not based on genuine moral values, but by the social hedonism that runs in the blood of those evil Hollywood filmmakers. This is a common charged made by hypocritical religious groups who want to push their agendas on everyone else. I am all for a good debate, but you're coming off a little smug and superior, my friend.


I don't know what world you live in, but I don't mind occasional profanity, sexuality, or whatever you consider "blasphemy", because that's the world I live in. I was exposed to these things at an early age and it hasn't hurt me in any way I can see. I'm college-educated, have a wonderful job and a lovely family. So please, lose the little metaphorical fables. If it were up to people like you, I hate to ponder how BORING entertainment might become. That's just my opinion. I'm amused that you think we are somehow being duped by TCM, and that the channel is leaving their "core group" behind. I AM part of that core group and I have ZERO problems with TCM's programming. But if we offend you so much, harveysrabbit, why don't you just do the proper christian thing and forgive us??


That you are offended by such entertainment is a matter of taste and I DO respect that. But when you say that your opinion is the "right" one, as you do early in your post, well then, you're just blowing smoke.

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Hey tcm's no different than what's on network TV. Profanity? Ever watch la law--prick -****'s used--and it get's by because character is not using it in a sexual way--meaning just curse words for expression. My view: more sex ought to be shown rather than violence & profane language. It's far healthlier than having the little darlings (kids) view most all forms of injury - violence on another,,,No wonder Europeans smirk at our so hypocritical ways.

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Thanks keithfromke, you just helped me win a five spot from one of my co-workers. I told him I'd be flamed before we went home today. Don't fret; we own the company so our time and internet usage is our own.


You guys are SO predictable. It's a free country and we're all entitled to hold any opinion as long as it's yours.


"...hypocritical religious groups who want to push their agendas on everyone else." "..the proper christian thing.."


Interesting leap in assumptions. How do you know I'm not a Hindu or a Jew? Everyone who chooses not to eat chili with you is automatically a dirty no good Christian? My, my. Your "college education" has obviously served you well. By the way, Christian is spelled with a capital C.


I'm glad you're a happily married guy with swell kids a faithful dog, a two car garage, a membership in the local Rotary Club etc. Along with all that, I hope you have enough love for your children to let them make up their own minds about whether or not the want to be anti-Christian bigots.


"I was exposed to these things at an early age and it hasn't hurt me in any way I can see." I rest my case.


Love ya Buddy. Now, you can forgive me.



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This site's getting stranger & stranger: Just read my post and idiots there censored my words but YET they can be readily heard of films telecasts by all stations...including tcm---What the hel are tghery afraid someone under age of 12's going to be reading this - or is that for those puritonical 'red' states???

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Well, Harvey, it's good to see that your 'company' can spend so much free time surfing the net. Really productive, ace. I have the day off, so I thought it would be amusing to respond to your little rant. That you think I'm an 'Anti-Christian bigot' is laughable...and you accuse me of leaping to assumptions. Look, if you had been posting here for some time, I would show you more respect. But you obviously came here because you wanted to be "flamed." So, you're a masochist AND a prude. How does that work??


Anyway, I never implied that anyone is entitled to their own opinion, as long as it's mine. You, on the other hand, claimed your opinion was "right" in the first paragraph of your post, if your keeping score. As far as any spelling or grammatical errors, well, I never claimed to be perfect....That was YOU. But I hoped you've had your fun in your imagined position of superiority and good luck in your quest for neutered, profanity-free television. Spend your chump-change wisely. I would like to hear others opinions on this issue when time allows.

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Oh, and Leo, I live in one of those RED states, although I don't conform to the political sway in this part of the country, but can respect where they are coming from to a point. But I do agree with you (!!) as far as American's unusual view of anything sexual in entertainment. European's view of sexuality is a bit more realistic, to me anyway. I have always found it strange that so much violence is allowed on television, but anything vaguely sexual will bring letters of protest. I've never understood that.

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it's fun to read the comments and we appreciate and respect everyone's opinions


but, I just want to say 2 things:


- we aren't AMC, Bravo or any of the others; I've been hearing that since I arrived 7 1/2 years ago


- the ratings slate at the beginning of every film indicates the "content level" - a TV-MA rating suggests the content may not be appropriate for children (with further descriptors attached - "D" for dialogue, for example); maybe we should put something on the website that further explains this

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Hi K,


Isn't it interesting that you so called "liberal - dump anything in my chili" guys are always the ones that start making personal attacks dripping with hatred and ridicule?


If you were really as sure of your position as you would like others to believe, you would never have even bothered to reply to my original post. I was simply standing up with Indianbear10; agreeing with him and stating my point of view in response to many others who seem to disagree with him.


I don't agree with you. So there. Grow up and learn to live with it. Nannner, nanner, nanner.


Like it or not, Indianbear10 is not alone. There are people who do not like being surprised by having a once well mannered network start pumping sewage into their homes. I call it sewage, you call it acceptable.


You seem to have a real emotional problem with my being "right." Of course I'm right. Indianbear10 is right. Everyone that agrees with us is right. You, and the liberal sewage eaters that disagree with us are wrong. So there.


Now if you had any real guts, instead of lurking about in the dark taking snipes on the internet from the shadowy safety of your basement, you would fess up and be man enough to say that you feel exactly the same way about your position.


You and everyone who agrees with you is right; myself and everyone who agrees with me is wrong. Be a man for crying out loud. That's what standing up for your beliefs is all about. You act like you'd start whining if someone disagreed with you about who served the best pizza in town.


Expressing your beliefs has nothing to do with making personal attacks. Get a grip.


And yes, your comments do smell of anti-Christian bigotry. On that point I sincerely hope I'm wrong. Perhaps the next time you're infuriated by someone who disagrees with you, you might take ten minutes to cool off and choose your words more carefully before you poison pen a reply.


Did I really come here to be flamed? No, but I freely admit that after your first stink bomb I deliberately baited you on. Predictably, you fell for it hook, line and sinker. Yes, I will enjoy spending the five bucks I won on you.


Respect? K, respect has nothing to do with how you conduct yourself with people who agree with you. It has EVERYTHING to do with how you conduct yourself with people who disagree with you. You've displayed your brand of respect very clearly. Enjoy your chili. I'll take mine without the "extras."

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Friends, when I posted my question I was trying to see if there were enough people who agreed with me to suggest joining together and voicing our diffficulty to TCM management.


At this point, it is clear that my point of view is in the minority. So be it. I did not want to be the cause of any hard feelings between anyone for any reason.


Let's enjoy the movies that we can watch together and let the rest go.


Mr. harveysrabbit, I'm grateful as you say to know that I am not alone. But please, let go of your end of the rope. Don't fight anymore.


Mr. keithfromke, I'm sorry we don't see things in the same way. But please, can't you just agree to disagree and also let this go? I did not ask my question to cause hard feelings with anyone. I just like movies.


Thank you.



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Oh, I'm sorry, Harvey....I thought we were through here. I've already moved on, but if you feel the need (and it appears that you do), go ahead and get any last digs in. After that, perhaps you will go away and I will be spared anymore of your wonderful allegories involving rodents and amphibians....and as far as lurking in the dark, I don't see a proper e-mail address attached to your profile. Mine, however is there, if you want to discuss this further, e-mail me there and I'll give you my phone number and we'll discuss anything you like. This argument needs to end on this board, because it's an interesting topic, that needs to be discussed without all of the nonsense that we've turned this into. I hope we can agree on that.


At some point, the arguing becomes redundant. You accuse me of hatred, yet you call me a "liberal sewage eater." If you can't see the hypocrisy in that, well, I can't help you. So please, just get it out of your system, because I'm ready to move on. I just wanted to address indianbear10 and to let them know that I have no beef with you or your opinions. It wasn't until harvey decided to bring rat **** into the conversation that I had to chime in. I appreciate the very fact that you (indianbear10) enjoy classic movies and TCM. If profanity is an issue for you, then make it known to TCM and it's management. Your opinion counts as well. As you say, we will agree to disagree. Thanks for your thoughtful post...and there are no hard feelings on my part. I've been in a few arguments in the past on this board, because like anyone else, I too, am passionate in my beliefs. Again, I thank you for at least bringing the topic up, as it is a good one......

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Whew!! That was exhausting but interesting reading. I went back to the original post and could hardly believe this topic was started TODAY!


Anyhow, just wanted to say that I agree with Lux0786. There are more than enough stations that show modern movies, with or without profanity and/or nudity. I'd like to see TCM stick to classics that aren't readily available anywhere else.


Oh, and a suggestion to indianbear10. Have you tried one of the TV guardian boxes that filter out profanity? I don't believe the guardian boxes "dress" nude people, but at least it would spare you from being "ambushed" by profanity. Just a friendly suggestion. :o)

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Hey Indianbear10, you're a better man than all of us. Thanks for your call to sanity. I hope you find enough good movies to keep you going for a long and happy lifetime.


Hey Chili Man, thanks for the reminder about my email. I never do pay any attention to those things. Here it is. harveysrabbit@usa.com.


It's been fun. See you at the next chili cook-off. No hard feelings. Have a large bowl on me.


Hey happyow155, is there really such a thing as a box that shuts down the profanity on TV? If so, please post information on where to locate it.


When President Bush signed a bill protecting companies like Clearplay from being sued by the chili servers in Hollywood, I looked them up on the internet. They have a very interesting service.


Together with RCA they have produced a DVD player that eliminates profanity AND nudity in many of the chili filled movies that are being produced today. The end result is that you can watch at least some of today's films just as safely as you can watch the real classics on TCM.


Is this by any chance what you were referring to, or is there really a gadget that does the same thing for TV programming?


It's been a long day so it's off to bed for me. Tomorrow is another day. What will the dawn bring? "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows. Nya ha ha." Oops. I forgot. That's OTR and we're discussing TCM. Senior moment there. Say goodnight Gracie.



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There is a device that is supposed to filter out profanity from any program which has closed captions. It's supposed to work on vhs, dvd or TV. I don't have one of the boxes, but I know people who do. I've heard them claim that it works.


I typed "tv guardian" into Yahoo! search and several sites were listed. You might try that for more info on the devices. I believe you could probably purchase one at Walmart.

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Censorship has no place in America, so let profanity have its place. Let the controls be on those who don't want to watch or who don't want their children to watch, not on the entertainment media or the government or religion...I agree.


TCM is becoming AMC, you wait and see...I agree. Sorry, tcmprogrammer, all indications are opposite to what you say.


That's all.

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