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Favorite Locations in the Movies


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What are some places you love to return to over and over in your mind, as you watch your favorite movies (basically, I'm talking about your favorite settings from films). Here are some of mine.



Rick's Cafe - "Casablanca"

The Death Star - "Star Wars: Episode IV"

Colonel Kurtz's Camp - "Apocalypse Now"

Sam Spade's Apartment - "The Maltese Falcon"

The Zone - "Stalker"

The Island (Lisca Bianca) - "L'Avventura"

Sad Hill Cemetery - "The Good the Bad and the Ugly"

Willy Wonka's Factory - "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"



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Definitely gotta second Wonka's-- wish that place was real.


Another place I wish was real and in my back yard is the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. Can I live there?



Should mention a real place I love to visit in the movies, which is in ENCHANTED APRIL-- gorgeous villa with a killer landscape and view.



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I would say the back row of the theatre with Doris Snorg, but the isle guy kept shinning his light on us....but it seemed like a good movie location at the time.


As a teen, would have taken her to the drive-in, but no car, and I thought asking her to hold the speakers, popcorn, soda and corn dogs all at the same time would have been pushing it on the first date......and they say Valentino is dead ?


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The cottages in "The Enchanted Cottage" and "Random Harvest". So peaceful and homey.

The spaceship in "2001: A Space Odyssey".

The stark military courtroom in "Breaker Morant".

The gas station/cafe in "The Petrified Forest".

Utah's Professor Valley/Fisher Towers used in so many westerns. I've been there many times in life.

Monument Valley used in numerous films. I've been there many times in life.

Rick's Cafe in "Casablanca". Can there really be anyplace better to spend your evenings in?

The Grand Hotel in "The Grand Hotel". I'd love to spend a week there.





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You list some great locations for a vacation getaway (well the 2001 one might prove difficult!).


I would add the Walker Valley and Bridgeport California, as well as the Kirk's Lake Tahoe home from Out of The Past.


Another noir film with a great CA setting is Dark Passage and all the San Francisco locations.



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The great thing about some of my locations, is that they don't have to be real places, or even be beautiful int the traditional sense.


For instance, one of the places I listed was Sam Spade's apartment in "The Maltese Falcon". There's nothing particularly fascinating about the place, but just the look of it, especially in the last parts of the movie, make it a location I love returning to when I watch the film.


I was even thinking of including Gene Tierney's apartment from "Laura". Something about the way apartments look in classic movies that I always liked.

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The safari compound in "Hatari" would be my favorite. I also like the sheriff's office in Rio Bravo. Morbius' house in Forbidden Planet. Dracula's castle in the Hammer films 1957 version. The hotel in Key Largo.

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I actually thought of Forbidden Planet for this list.


Hotel in Key Largo is a great location. The storm outside feels totally real, as does the stuffy air inside. Film noirs typically have great, dark locations that become memorable for fans.

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