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Le Jour Se Leve was wonderful


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I missed the first few scenes but as soon as I saw Gabin I put down the remote. After a while I knew I had seen this story before, but where???? It took a while before I realized it was The Long Night with Henry Fonda.


Comparing the two movies really illustrates the differences between French film making and Hollywood. It was just they sappy ending of the Hollywood version but the casting of Fonda. The difference between Gabin and Fonda are clear and by casting Fonda the studio wanted to take the film in another director. What a mistake. But the casting of Vincent Price was a plus for the Hollywood version (not that the French actor wasn't good, but Vincent as a cad is hard to top).


What is also said is that RKO bought the rights to the Gabin version and destroyed it (sound move since their version wasn't half as good), but luckily there were still prints available.





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Rover, I'm also glad that TCM showed this great film. It's easy to see why Jean Gabin and Arletty were such big stars in France. James, I'm also a big fan of THE LONG NIGHT, an unusually good remake. The American version has to soften the ending, and it can only hint that Henry Fonda and Ann Dvorak have been lovers in the past, whereas the French original can make it clear that Gabin is sleeping with one woman while he pines for another.



James, I think you're right to point to the big change from Gabin to Fonda as crucial. Gabin always seems like a blue-collar guy. Fonda is a middle-class Midwesterner who nonetheless had a huge success as Tom Joad in THE GRAPES OF WRATH, a working class role if there ever was one. When Fonda plays blue collar, I think we get the sense of what the character could have had given the right opportunities. Gabin is the working class guy who fits in; Fonda is the working class guy who was really meant for bigger things. That's how I can accept him in THE LONG NIGHT.






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I clearly understand the valid points you raise related to The Long Night. So yes, as an American remake produced under the Hay Code restrictions it has many merits. One key for me is Ann Dvorak and her performance. She gives off the right sexual vibe even with those Hays code restrictions. Clearly one of my favorite so called lessor known actresses.

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