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Sophia Loren: The Little Dog in the Big CIty LOVES TCM


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TCM CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL 2013 Sophia Loren is a big fan of the movies. She loves them all but has a soft place in her heart for classic movies and film noir. This was Sophia’s second year at the TCM Classic Film Festival and she had a blast! Four days of nothing but classic movies with people from around the world who enjoy the same thing and come together to celebrate the Golden Age of Hollywood. She has spent a lot of time watching TCM so all the hosts are familiar and boy was she happy to see TCM hosts, Robert Osborn and Ben Mankiewicz. The fun part was that they remembered her too as well as several of the festival goers. She got lots of attention and nice scratches behind the ears. Day one we gathered our festival passes and goodies at the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and watched Ben film some segments that were to be played throughout the weekend on TCM. The hotel’s lobby was turned into a TCM film stage and the Ballroom where the first Academy Awards were held was turned into Club TCM. Our first stop was the “Meet TCM” presentation. We got to know some of the folks behind the scenes at the network and learn about some new and exciting things coming up soon! Up next was the Opening Night Party where we got to see some of our friends from previous festivals and meet some Facebook friends who formed some TCM Clubs online. Next, we gathered around the beautiful pool of the Roosevelt for a discussion and screening of South Pacific. I made two wardrobe changes this day from a simple dress to my Bird of Paradise Dress by Christine Kennedy of Chica’s Closet. The nice folks at TCM even gave me a beautiful blue lei to decorate my neck. Day two started nice and early with one of the highlights of the festival called, A Journey to Italy. Italy has always had a rich history and beautiful countryside which has attracted filmmakers from around the world. Our first move was, Voyage to Italy, with Ingrid Bergman and George Sanders. Neither mama nor I had seen this film before. It was very emotional and the interesting part is that much of the film was improvised. Later, we headed back to the Roosevelt Hotel to listen to a live presentation of, “Taking the Fall: A Conversation with Hollywood Stuntmen.” Wow, are these men and women amazing. It was really interesting to hear what it takes to make the stars of the film look good!! We took a little break for lunch and then went into Club TCM to see, Hollywood Home Movies: Treasures from the Academy Film Archive Collection. I was really excited about this since my namesake was one of the featured stars in the collection. She was very beautiful!!! Let me also tell you that Cary Grant was GEORGOUS!!! It is amazing to see that the stars in their own home movies were just as glamorous as they were on the big screen. Mama said she sure wished she looked like that first thing in the morning!!! BOL! It was also nice to see how much the stars love their dogs!! Lots of sweet doggies were featured along with their famous parents. This day I wore a deep purple dress and bow by April Adams and a Italian inspired dress by Shana Wilkerson. Day three Mama and I were dragging a little bit but headed back to the festival to catch a screening of one of Mama’s favorite movies, The Lady Killers (1955). The movie was introduced by TCM Essentials, Jr. host and SNL alum, Bill Hader. It is such a funny movie starring Alec Guinness and first time pairing of Peter Sellers and Herbert Lom who would work together a decade later in the Pink Panther films. The best part of the movie is the 77-year-old actress, Katie Johnson as the eccentric landlady. She is PERFECT in this role. Next we sat in on a conversation with Tippi Hendren. She was really great and I love her rescue work with the Shambala Preserve that houses big cats. What an amazing life she has had! To think she starred in two of Alfred Hitchcock’s best known film, The Birds and Marnie. The stories she had were mesmerizing. A quick jog afterwards down the street to see my movie pick of the festival, Lady and the Tramp. Oh boy was it good!!! I even got to meet film critic, Leonard Malden. Some people even said that I was as pretty as Lady…that made me blush. That Tramp was really cute though!! It was fun to sing (or howl) along with “The Siamese Cat Song.” Christine Kennedy of Chica’s Closet made my dress this day where I was dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Day four and the closing day of the TCM Festival was a big day but Mama said that I should lay low a little bit so I could be fresh for the closing night party. I went to see a little bit of Bonhams movie memorabilia appraisals. We got to watch the experts at Bonhams help the festival attendees learn more about their silver screen collectibles. We also had been eyeing some of the jewelry in the TCM Boutique. Here we met our friend from last year, Hutton Wilkinson. He brought iconic American designer, Tony Duquette’s inspired jewelry to the boutique. He even gave me a private jewelry fitting. I picked up a vintage inspired bracelet and a ocean blue necklace. I sure am a lucky girl! Plus, mama can wear them when she wants to. Mama dropped me off at home with the kitties and then took off to see, It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood. The Cinerama Dome was built for this movie. I love the Cinerama Dome, in fact mama and I love going to all the ArcLight Theatres. They are such wonderful theatres to see movies at. Prior to the movie was a talk with some of the actors in the movie, Barrie Chase, Marvin Kaplan and Mickey Rooney. Jonathan Winters was on the line-up but because of his passing a few weeks prior, they had an empty chair on the panel in his memory along with a short memorial of his work. Mama got her second wind and decided that she should head over to the TCL Chinese Theatre to see, Three Days of the Condor, with Robert Redford. She thought that it would be a good warm-up to our meeting with Robert Redford in June at the AMFE Film Festival in Albuquerque. Mama really enjoyed this screening and Robert Osborn introduced star, Max von Sydow prior to the movie to talk a bit about his amazing film career. What an incredible actor he is and very dapper! Mama ran home afterwards and we got dressed up for the Closing Night Party. Mama said that everyone was asking where I was but she assured them that I would be stopping by the party to give them all Hollywood Puppy Kisses. I dressed up in a film noir inspired gown and bow by my great designer friend, Roni Penberthy of Hobo Cwab. It was a BIG hit at the party. We got our picture with Robert Osborn and I gave him kisses but I was SO sad to say good-bye to him. He really makes my tail wag!!! I took lots of pictures with the celebrities and our new friends and then they had me pose on the TCM stage to show them my acting skills. It was a really long week but it flew by!!! I sure hope I get to see Robert and Ben before the next festival. I also offered to help give my very own doggie movie reviews anytime they needed a guest host! All and all, I will give the TCM Classic Film Festival two really high fuzzy paws up!!!You can check out Sophia Loren's photo!!

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