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WWII film question that's been on my mind for 30 years now


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Hi guys and gals!I signed up here because I've had a movie question lingering in my mind since I saw a film as a child with my WWII-vet Grandpa some 30 years ago, and I've been quite unable to figure out what the film was called, or how to find the scene in question again (and test my memory against the real deal). I figured, when you're in need of an expert opinion, you go to the source, so here I am.The film in question, as I recall it, was a WWII drama, English language, shot in color, and I'm guessing produced sometime within ten years or so from the time we watched it at home on Grandpa's television (I'm thinking we watched it sometime during 1983-86, maybe?).Okay, so the one and only scene I recall shows a group of American or British soldiers doing recon on, I think, Hitler's Wolf's Lair. The guys are hidden in the woods, scouting the area, when who should unexpectedly arrive, but Hitler himself. One of the Allied trrops is a sniper who has the big cheese in his sights and say's something to the effect of "I could end the war right now," but as it isn't the mission the fellas were there to do, his superior talks him down and no shot is ever taken.So if I've remembered any of this correctly, does this ring a bell with anyone? It may not be the most important thing in the world, but my Grandpa's been gone a long time now, and watching war movies with him is one of my cherished memories. I thought that if I could get some help in firguring this one out, I might be able to track down a copy of the film and reminisce.Thanks very much for your time.-Robert


Edit: Sorry about the wall of text, but for some reason, the spaces between paragraphs I typed are not showing up on the post.

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I think the movie you are asking about is The Dirty Dozen: The Next Mission. It was a made for tv movie which first aired in February of 1985, and it did have a scene where they could have killed Hitler but didn't.

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