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When will TCM show the movie: "Music in the Air" (1934)?


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Thank you, slaytonf. I suppose that means that I will have to keep checking.

Isn't there a way to find out about the scheduling of a specific movie?

I wish TCM would air the movie, "Music in the Air" (1934).

Is there any way that I might request TCM to air that movie?


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Thank you, Slaytonf, for the link to the suggestion page. I've posted a request for them to play "Music in the Air" (1934).


Also, thank you, Fred, for the YouTube link to clips of the movie. Much appreciated!


This is my first "conversation" at the TCM message board. What a great beginning! Thank you!


Best, JoyaBella

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I thought you might be interested in the follow-up to my search for the movie "*Music in the Air*" (1934).


I watched the clips of the movie at YouTube (which Fred had directed me to). I was especially waiting to hear the song entitled "*The Song is You*". I watched the entire movie via the YouTube clips. When it ended I was puzzled because the "The Song is You" didn't seem to be in the movie.


So I went to Wiki (at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_in_the_Air ) and found the following information:

"The 1934 film, however, omitted the show's best-known number, The Song is You, which has become a classic. The song was filmed, but deleted from the final release print at the last minute."


Needless to say, I was disappointed. If you'd like to hear the song, go to the following YouTube clip:


It's sung beautifully by baritone Thomas Hampson.


The movie itself was only mediocre, although it had some pretty songs. The sound track was poor and the quality of the picture was poor. Perhaps it needs restoration. That would certainly help.


Anyway, I was glad to be able to see the film. ---JoyaBella

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