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Favorites of 1938


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I'd like to know what everyone thinks of the year 1938, and what films, in particular, you liked. The years seems often overlooked because of the historic year that followed, but there were a lot of top films that year.


My top 10:


1. You Can’t Take it With You



2. Bringing Up Baby



3. Holiday



4. Jezebel



5. Pygmalion



6. Slight Case of Murder, A



7. Dawn Patrol, The



8. Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse, The



9. Test Pilot



10. Boys Town









Best Actor: Leslie Howard (Pygmalion)



Best Actress: Bette Davis (Jezebel)



Supporting Actor: Ralph Richardson (Citadel, The)


{font:Helvetica}{size:0px}Supporting Actress: Spring Byington (You Can’t Take it With You)


Titles I watched: 110






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My top ten 1938's in rough order. All of these have been shown on TCM.


Bringing Up Baby


A Man to Remember


La Bete Humaine (Jean Gabin)


The Lady Vanishes


Wives Under Suspicion


Angels With Dirty Faces


Torchy Blane in Chinatown


Le Schpountz (Fernandel)


The Duke Is Tops


The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse



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A lot of movies from 1938 that I really enjoy have been mentioned already but here are a few I didn't see:


Kidnapped -with Freddy Bartholomew

The Mad Miss Manton -with Barbara Stanwyck

My Bill -with Kay Francis

The Shining Hour -with Joan Crawford

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1. Sidewalks of London

2. The Lady Vanishes

3. Holiday

4. Test Pilot

5. Room Service

6. The Dawn Patrol

7. Spawn of the North

8. You Can't Take It with You

9. Algiers

10. The Adventures of Robin Hood

11. Bringing Up Baby

12. La Bete Humaine

13. The Cowboy and the Lady

14. Vivacious Lady

15. Carefree

16. Sinners in Paradise

17. Three Loves Has Nancy

18. Trade Winds

19. A Christmas Carol

20. Bank Holiday


Best Actor: Errol Flynn (Charles Laughton, James Stewart)

Best Actress: Katharine Hepburn (Margaret Lockwood, Jean Arthur)

Supporting Actor: Spencer Tracy (David Niven, John Barrymore)

Supporting Actress: Dorothy Lamour (Ann Sothern, Beulah Bondi)

Best Director: Jean Renoir (Alfred Hitchcock, John Cromwell)

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*Wow, FrankGrimes, that's a real good Top 20 list.*


Gee, thanks. I liked how you handed your own awards for the year. That was a good idea.


But what I'm really impressed by is that you've seen 110 films for the year! That's amazing. In stark contrast, I have seen just 29.


*I really like almost all of those and am in agreement, except, ironically, with your No. 1: Sidewalks of London. I think I'm going to have to rewatch that.*


I loved the emotion in the film. It's rather similar to *A Star Is Born*, just from a man's point of view. And Charles Laughton plays the hurt man so wonderfully.

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