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I am a brand new viewer of TCM and have fallen in love with this channel. I am a child of the 60s but have always loved films from before my existence. Just wanted to thank the folks at TCM for such a great line-up everyday; well almost everyday, Friday nights leave alot to be desired but other than that, I watch TCM all day, everyday. Really enjoy Mr

Osbornes picks and his comments about the film before and after showing. Thank you again TCM !!

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You've just met Mark, Gerry. He too, is somewhat of a '60's dude. At least lingo-wise, he seems stuck in the early '60's. But we just love him here.




It's nice to "meet" new members and viewers to TCM and the boards. Keeps some of us grounded. Like it will be quite a while until you too, start grumbling about TCM showing the same movies over and over. It reminds us that not ALL TCM viewers are "old hands" that have been watching for several years, and what's an old "warhorse" of a movie to US, is fresh and a new discovery for YOU.




Welcome to the boards!






Edited by: Sepiatone on May 25, 2013 12:54 PM

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Welcome new viewer to TCM. I would like to take this oppertunity to inform you of two things one encounters at this forum. I do this only to save you time and confusion (well and so you don't thing we are nuts around here!). :)


Us TCM older timers will sometimes complain about the TCM rotation of movies. This is because we have seen these movies multiple times and or have them in our DVD collection. But most of the movies in high rotation at TCM are solid studio era movies. Thus for a new viewer these movies will be a new experiences. So just ignore us when we rant, until you're an old timer.


Second, many new timers will ask 'why doesn't TCM show XYZ movie'; The main reason is that TCM doesn't have the rights to the movie and obtaining the rights isn't as simple as it sounds. Some studios like Universal are playing hardball. This is sad for us fans and we hope TCM is doing all they can reasonably do to obtain the rights to unavailable classic films.



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