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Missing Scene? In Harm's Way


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I think the movie (or perhaps just my copy) is missing a scene. "In Harm's Way" starring John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Dana Andrews, Paula Prentiss, etc...by Otto Preminger


At about 19 1/2 minutes in, following Halsey arriving at Pearl Harbor HQs to decide actions to take responding to the attack by the Japanese, the character Paul Eddington enters at John Wayne's ship and John Wayne (Rock Torry) asks him "Are all your personal problems resolved?" Kirk Douglas (Eddington) replies "They've been cut down to size."


My question is, what is the stimulus for Eddidington's problems to become resolved. There is no indication why he enters the scene in a rain slicker ... from the previous scenes on this ship with the Captain (Torry) Wayne and him (Douglas) Commander Eddington. The audience knows that his wife (his problems) has been killed in a car accident but he (Eddington) doesn't know it yet and it seems to me that there was a scene between Wayne & Douglas that is missing...


Any information? Thanks, Robin

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