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Missing scene from To Kill a Mockingbird?


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I'm not sure if I asked this question before or not, but here goes. When I was a kid a local L.A. station showed To Kill a Mockingbird, but it seems to me it had an extra scene that I have never found in any other version, including the DVD sets.


It is a scene that took place between Cal scolding Scout for insulting Walter Cunningham for "drownding" his dinner in syrup, but before Scout runs out to the front porch. I know that's the order of things now and in all the versions I've seen since that one childhood viewing, but this is how I remember it.


Scout makes her insult and Cal scolds her and then shoos her back to the dinner table, but instead of running out to the front porch right away, Scout sits back down. Walter is still stung by her words and isn't eating his dinner. Atticus picks up the syrup pitcher and then pours it on his own plate. Walter smiles and is put at ease. Scout, on the other hand, feels utterly betrayed and then she runs out to the front porch.


Does anyone else remember this version? I would think if it exists anywhere it would be in one of the "restored" DVD versions, but I've never found it, yet I swear I saw that version. It's like I saw a version of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer as a kid and I swore there was a scene where he and Becky Thatcher shared a piece of bubble gum, but it vanished after I saw that version. At least with Tom Sawyer I was vindicated because a video version was released with that scene finally restored.


So far nothing on that scene from To Kill a Mockingbird has ever surfaced, but if you get a chance, though, watch when Scout goes back into the dining room. It only lasts a second through the kitchen door, but Scout doesn't immediately turn to her right to rush to the front porch as she should have. I can't believe I would've dreamed it up or misremembered it so totally, but aside from my sister who watched it with me, I have no one else who has seen this version.

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