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TCM Flix To Groove Hard To!!! Monday, June 3 through Sunday, June 9!!!


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TCM Flix to Groove Hard TO! Mon-June 3-Sun, June 9!!


For my grooves through this weekend, please check out last week's groovefest thread! Not sure if links will work here, but will try it out: http://forums.tcm.com/thread.jspa?threadID=169455&tstart=60 Hope everyone is doing well and having cool and groovy times! Dig it!


Here's what's on my groovy tap for the upcoming week:


Monday, June 3, we have a daytime tribute to Paulette Godard, which means some coolio flix with Charles Chaplin his own bad self, including MODERN TIMES (1936) and THE GREAT DICTATOR (1940)!! Isn't that speech in THE GREAT DICTATOR just the living end, daddio??


Eleanor Parker is Star of the Month in July and I'm totally digging on some of the flix for her first night's tribute!!! First up, at 8pm, BUSSES ROAR (1942), WWII programmer, but what a delight, with Julie Bishop, Willie Best, Richard Travis!! Dig it! Much later, 3:15am, to be exact, it's Jane Wyman and Jerome Cowan in one of my favorite B-detective flix, CRIME BY NIGHT (1944)!! Then it's Richard Travis showing up again in THE LAST RIDE (1944), followed by another low-budget but very intriguing WWII programmer, THE MYSTERIOUS DOCTOR (1943), with John Loder!!


Tuesday daytime is B and oater heaven! Nice mix of the two, with a tribute to someone most peole have never heard of before, Virginia Vale!!! I love when TCM tributes rare contributors, actresses, actors of the silver screen!! First up, at 8:45am, it's George O'Brien and Leon Ames with Virginia in THE MARSHAL OF MESA CITY (1939)!! Oaters hit the trail again at 11:15am with BULLET CODE (1940), again with George O'Brien and Virginia Vale!! Followed by these two yet again in LEGION OF THE LAWLESS (1940)!! Then we divert a bit to prison--say what???, but yeah, with my main man Lee Tracy doing the honors in a cool lil B, MILLIONAIRES IN PRISON (1940)!! Back to the ol' west we go with George O'Brien and Virginia Vale yet again (man these two need to get a room!!!) in PRAIRIE LAW (1940) and TRIPLE JUSTICE (1940)!! For Oaters fans it's a sheer delight and TCM isn't done with us yet, as at 6:45pm there's one more for the trail, ROBBERS OF THE RANGE (1941) with Tim Holt and the lovely Virginia Vale! She's lovely and we've got her all day thanks to TCM!


Tuesday night it's all about Bob's Picks, and my faves will be on the back end of the night, at 2:15am with Peter Lorre and Sydney Greenstreet in THE MASK OF DIMITRIOS (1944), then my man George Raft in a WWII flick, BACKGROUND TO DANGER (1943), again with Lorre, and the luscious Brenda Marshall!!! Yowza!!!


Wednesday features a daytime tribute to Robert Taylor, and my hit groove of the day is HIGH WALL (1947), a superior noir thriller with the sexy Audrey Totter and Herbert Marshall!! I'd also shout it out for one of my faves, WESTWARD THE WOMEN (1951)!!! Wednesday night is all about Anthony Mann westerns, and he brings his noir flair to the open trail, lil doggies!


Thursday night it's "Creature Features"!! These flix have all been around the block a lot lately on TCM, but hey, never look a gift horse in the mouth, as all of them bring home the bacon in different ways! The lineup? BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935)--nuff said!!--, GODZILLA, KING OF THE MONSTERS (1956), CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON (1954), IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA (1955), KING KONG (1933), and CYCLOPS (1957)!! Oh yeah, popcorn lots of soda and an all nighter looks to be in the offing!


Friday morning hits it hard with a Chaplin silent short and an early talkie gem, wow! It's Charlie in THE IDLE CLASS (1921), an excellent comic silent flick!!! Then it's one of my all time faves from the early talkie era, OUTWARD BOUND (1930), a haunting intense flick, starring Leslie Howard, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr, Helen Chandler (be still that beating heart!!), and Alison Skipworth!! If you've not seen this before, I definitely recommend it!!! A bit later in the day, at 11:15am, we have Peter Lorre showing up again in the flick many point to as the first "true noir"..well, whether the case or not, this very low budget gem features some odd stuff, daddio, but definitely needs a checkin' out: STRANGER ON THE THIRD FLOOR (1940)!!


For me, Friday night might be the literal groove of the week, man! It features noir writers, and we get some early noir flicks, as well as all THREE of the versions of "The Maltese Falcon"!! What more can you ask for on a Friday, I say?? Well, not much! First up, it's the 1931 version, with my main man, Ricardo Cortez, and the luscious Bebe Daniels, along with Dudley Digges, my main man Dwight Frye, my girlfriend, Thelma Todd (oh my god, I sooooooo dig her!), and Una Merkel! I have to say, if you've only seen the 41 version and never this one, do indeed check it out! It rocks, I tell ya!!! Then another very early crime flick, this time with Gary Cooper (say what??!!, yeah, it's true), the lovely Sylvia Sidney, and Paul LUkas, CITY STREETS (1931)!!! It's a winner, man! Then it's more familiar ground with Powell and Loy struttin' their bad selves in AFTER THE THIN MAN (1936), which features a very unlikely culprit! Then we FF to the 40's for THE GLASS KEY (1942) with my main man Brian Donlevy, the drop-dead gorgeous Veronica Lake, Alan Ladd, William Bendix, Joseph Calleia, and Bonita Granville!!! It's a totally rockin' flick, and I'm hopeful that one day, TCM might get the 1935 film with the same name one day, hopefully???! :) Then it's the heaviest hitter of the night, Bogie himself...and you know the rest, it's the 1941 classic, THE MALTESE FALCON, but we're not quite done with that story, as the closer is the rarely screened 1936 version of the story, SATAN MET A LADY with my main man, Warren William, Bette Davis, Alison Skipworth (hoot!), Arthur Treacher, Winifred Shaw, and Marie Wilson!! This one is more of a comedic slant, and it's pretty rare, gotta check it out! Rockin!!


And then, right off the bat, TCM hits another one of the ball park on Saturday morning, June 8, 6am, with Pat O'Brien in RIFFRAFF (1947)!! This is a flick that I think was bumped from the schedule a while back, well, here it is, and I am so grateful, TCM!!! It rocks and it's pretty rare!! Later in the morn, it's this week's "Falcon" flick, Tom Conway in fine form in THE FALCON AND THE CO-EDS (1944)!!!


Saturday night is a tribute to Jean-Paul Belomondo, and I'm totally going to be groovin' hard to BREATHLESS (1960), which kicks off the night at 8pm!!


Sunday, June 9, another coolio flick to kick off the 6am hour, this time a Busby Berkeley musical, cleaned up a bit as it's post-code, but still groovy, DAMES (1934), with the absolutely hot Joan Blondell, Dick Powell, Ruby Keeler, Zasu Pitts, Guy Kibbee (don't we recognize most of this group from other Busby musicals? Dig it!)!! And cos I dig Eddie Cantor so much, I gotta shout out THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS (1943) which airs at 8am in the morn, and with the typical star-studded revue cast for a WWII effort flick!


Sunday night---man, don't touch that dial! It's a night of "Crime Comedies", kicking it off with THE LAVENDER HILL MOB (1951), with Alec Guiness!!! Then it's Eddie G in one of his finest gangster spoofs, A SLIGHT CASE OF MURDER (1938) with my main men Allen Jenkins and Edward Brophy (Brophy and Eddie G have one of the most hilarious exchanges in a scene in this flick that is, IMO, one of the all time funniest ever!!!), also with Ruth Donnelly in fine form!! Then it's The Mick doing his stuff in A SLIGHT CASE OF LARCENY (1953)!!! Also with Eddie Bracken, it rocks the belly laughs!!!


Then...WOW! IT!! Yes, the Silent Sunday feature is the "It" girl her own bad self in the film that solidified her image in the viewing public forever!! Clara Bow gets it down in the 1927 silent!! I can't wait to check this one out, as I've actually never seen this before!!!


On a different note, the night closes out with two poignant flix, neither have I seen before, KAPO (1959), with Susan Strasberg, and THE SEARCH (1948) with Monty Clift, and Wendell Corey, and Aline MacMahon! Wow! Awesome stuff!!!


TCM, you guys rock, man!!! I hope everyone here on the boards has an awesome weekend and week ahead! Rock it and dig it! And keep on watching!

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I thank you for your informational and entertaining post! :)


I will second your recommendation for: *The Mysterious Doctor* (1943) which airs tonight. It is indeed intriguing! I love these little 'throwaway' movies because so many are hidden gems.

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Mark, if you like OUTWARD BOUND, which I've never seen, check out tonight's BETWEEN TWO WORLDS, a remake of that film with a great cast and Erich Korngold music. It's good to have you back groovin' again!



And SansFin, thank you so much for your ardent recommendation of THE CRANES ARE FLYING, which I loved.



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Sans Fin, thank you for your kinds words!!! And I also have to chime in to say I totally dug THE CRANES ARE FLYING !!! Thank you so much for your recommendation!


I also SO agree with you about lesser known flix like THE MYSTERIOUS DOCTOR, this one really rocks, by the way! I also felt the same about BUSSES ROAR (which was an unexpected hoot!!) and THE LAST RIDE!! So cool that TCM gifted us with these!

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Hibi, you are most welcome!!! I think all 3 versions are pretty darn good, so I'm totally looking forward to the night (for other reasons also, as they are such cool groovy noir/mystery/crime flix!!). And yeah, I can't wait to get down with the "It' girl on Sunday night!

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Kingrat, I did neglect to mention it, but I did groove to the remake of OUTWARD BOUND, it's also quite good! I do enjoy the original a bit better---well, let's say "different" there is something so ethereal about it! This is actually an excellent example of two films that tell essentially the same story, but have such a distinct feel from each other that they are both quite entertaining and enthralling in different ways! It's SO cool!


Definitely hope you can check OUTWARD BOUND out on Friday morning...if you do, please return to let us know what you think?? I can't WAIT to watch it again!!

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