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why was 'Times Square' removed from TCM's June schedule ?

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i rarely come on here to post anything. everytime i post something on here , my thread either gets taken over by some other poster or is ignored.



my posts don't matter on here. so i'll no longer post anything here.



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>my posts don't matter on here. so i'll no longer post anything here.




BTW, if you won't bother to make complete sentences, use grammar or punctuation, you run the risk of others misunderstanding your posts.


Ever think maybe there's no response because no one knows the answer to your question?

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I've heard about Times Square but haven't seen it. What I've heard isn't too good. I think it was made by the Robert Stigwood Organization, who gave the world Saturday Night Fever. I'm not sure I want to see a movie about punk made by that group. Maybe TCM should try to obtain Urgh A Music War.

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I actually saw this movie when it came out....of course, I was in college, heavily into PUNK (before it was even remotely acceptable, especially at a college in the south) and was in .with Tim Curry.


Was it a great movie? No. Was it an awful movie? No. It was an enjoyable movie of the time with characters that were interesting and not overly 'hollywoodized' as teen characters (especially female) are today.


It reminded me of another movie that I feel does not get the credit/recognition that I feel it deserves, 'The World of Henry Orient',I that explores the crazy/peculiar/intense nature of friendship among young teen aged girls. There are too few movies about this, especially that are non-exploitive (all the new movies that even hint/attempt to do so are preoccupied with filming naked/half-naked teens in sexually charged situations, often of a lesbian nature-obviously geared more to the male audience.


I think this movie should be shown....


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Tim Curry reciently suffered a stroke. I Hope he's doing better. After your description Belle Michelle now I kind of want to see this film. I liked The World Of Henry Orient and female bonding films in general. After thinking about it Times Square kind of sounds like 1996's Foxfire with Angelina Jolie. It's another film that doesn't have a "good rep", but I like.

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So, you folks are sayin' this flick is set BEFORE the "Disneyfication" of Times Square?


Well then, THERE'S your answer here!


Uh huh! Maybe Walt's battery of lawyers gobbled up the rights to this baby 'cause they don't want people to remember how that New York City location USED to be!!!


Yep, some potential tourists not in-the-know COULD BE scared away from droppin' a bundle at that now family friendly Big Apple locale if they see this movie!


(...though ya have to remember this IS just a theory here!) ;)

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AAH! But word IS that THAT is NEXT on their acquisition list, dude!


Uh huh. I think I read that in the latest issue of "Variety for Shysters Weekly".


(...my lawyer Bernie Goldman always has that sittin' in his waiting room)

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