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Cant remember name of this movie.. plz HELP!


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So my younger brother and I were on our way out the door one day and we stopped because there was an old movie on and it was pretty funny. I looked at the name but later one that day I forgot what it was called.


The movie was a comedy/mystery kind. The detective was talking to reporters about a case he was working and one person had said murder and the guy pretended to go in to shock.. the film later shows the detective in a room lying on a sofa and a women next to him. A doctor later comes in to examine him and say that he has a reaction to the word murder and not to say it around him. Each time a person did he would go in to a dramatic shock.. He had everyone fooled until the girl started talking to him and said the word and nothing happened she later makes him continue the case even though he was scared.


That's all I have because after that we left and it was over when we got back and i couldnt find the name of it.. So if any one could help that would be great.



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This one unfortunately doesn't ring any bells for me. However, if either you or your younger brother can remember the date in which you saw it, it might be possible to trace back on the online schedule to narrow down the possibilities. If you can remember the approximate time the movie was playing, that would be even better!


I hope this helps!



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