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would like to see the "Sherlock Holmes" series with Basil Rathborne and Nigel Bruce. these are really the first crime dramas and are very entertaining..there really are no other Holmes and Watson.


The "Blondy and Dawood" series are so much fun. they are light, uncomplicated and great for Saturday afternoon as are the "Ma &Pa Kettle" series.


William Holden is so great in everything he does. We need more William Holden on TCM. TCM played a movie in which Holden is a drifter who becomes involved with a family of orphaned children. This is really what a clasic movie is. also he sings in this flick- have wondered if he is really singing, but it doesn't really matter this is such a charming movie


Ronald Coleman, Rita Hayworth, John Wayne, Randolph Scott, Hedy Lamarr, Jean Arther,

Carole Lombard, these are classic films stars. When these folks are on film do we really need "Bedazzled" and the like. These are the reason I watch classic films. Films and stars from the "30's,'40's and '50's the Golden Age of Hollywood these are real classic films, these are examples of true classic film stars. Of course I include the silent classics Valentino, Chaplin, Chaney, Gish, Pickford, Fairbanks these are the original classic film stars.


Thanks for letting me put in these requests. I know there are many more that I can not think of right now. I actually came on site to check the schedule.


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I welcome you to these boards. :)


My wish list is much as yours is. My major preference is mystery and capers of the 1930s to 1950s and good comedy of all eras.


TCM aired all of the restored Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce Sherlock Holmes movies as a marathon in the recent past and they have been sprinkling in a few every now and again since that time.


I do not begrudge the few newer movies they air as some of them are ones which I could not in good heart request because they are new but which I am happy to see on the schedule.

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