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Common name?


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There will be no list. I haven't a clue. But what is the most common FIRST name among all those "classic" actors? I don't include the women due to their roster being peppered with all those "Mynas" and "Greers" and "Tallullahs". Sepiatone

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Using Star of the Month as a basis, there were 5 named Robert (Young, Mitchum, Montgomery, Taylor, Ryan) and 4 named James (Stewart, Cagney, Mason, Garner).


No Richards (not even Burton which is somewhat surprising).


Hey, I'm not saying the above is very meaningful but just some trivia to go along with this theme.


(Oh, and only 2 named John; Garfield and Wayne, for this very common name).

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> {quote:title=jamesjazzguitar wrote:}{quote}Using Star of the Month as a basis, there were 5 named Robert (Young, Mitchum, Montgomery, Taylor, Ryan) and 4 named James (Stewart, Cagney, Mason, Garner).


Is there any movie that's had *more* than 3 SOTMs with the same first name in it? Crossfire had Robert Ryan, Robert Mitchum, and Robert Young in the three leading male roles. There must be others like that, but I'm drawing a blank.

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There may be duplications and omissions in these lists as I compiled them using database manipulation and did not do a complete and competent proofread. This is actors listed as one of the top three stars in movies which have been scheduled to air on TCM since 2006.


The most popular actors' first name which I found is: John:

John Aasen, John Abbott, John Agar, John Alderson, John Amos, John Archer, John Arledge, John Ashley, John Astin, John Baragrey, John Barrymore, John Beal, John Beck, John Belushi, John Bentley, John Bix, John Blythe, John Boles, John Bowers, John Bromfield, John Buckwalter, John Bunny, John Call, John Carradine, John Carroll, John Carson, John Cassavetes, John Cazale, John Chardiet, John Cleese, John Clements, John Collum, John Craig, John Cronin, John Cusack, John Dall, John Darrow, John Davidson, John Davis Chandler, John Dehner, John Derek, John Desser, John Drew Barrymore, John 'Dusty' King, John Eldredge, John Emery, John Entwhistle, John Ericson, John Fernside, John Forsythe, John Fraser, John Furlong, John Garfield, John Garrick, John Gavin, John Gielgud, John Gilbert, John Goodman, John Gordon Sinclair, John Gregson, John Halliday, John Halliday. , John Hamill, John Heard, John Hodiak, John Houseman, John Howard Davies, John Hoyt, John Hubbard, John Hudson, John Hurt, John Huston, John Ireland, John Justin, John Karlsen, John Kellogg, John Kerr, John Laurie, John Le Mesurier, John Lennon, John Litel, John Lithgow, John Loder, John Lodge, John Lone, John Lund, John Lupton, John Mack Brown, John Mahoney, John Malkovich, John Marley, John Matthews, John Maxwell, John McCallum, John McCormack, John McEnerey, John McGuire, John McIntire, John McMartin, John Merton, John Miles, John Miljan, John Mills, John Morley, John Moulder-Brown, John Myhers, John Nesom, John Neville, John P. Ryan, John Patrick, John Payne, John Phillip Law, John Phillips, John Pleshette, John Qualen, John Randolph, John Reynolds, John Richardson, John Rodney, John Russell, John Savage, John Saxon, John Schuck, John Shea, John Shelton, John Singer, John Smith, John Standing, John Steiner, John Stockwell, John Stuart, John Sutton, John T. Prince, John Travolta, John Turner, John Turturro, John Vernon, John Warwick, John Wayne, John Wengraf, John Williams, John Wood, John Wray


The second most popular actors' name I found is: Robert:

Robert Alda, Robert Allen, Robert Ames, Robert Anderson, Robert Arden, Robert Armstrong, Robert Arnoux, Robert Arthur, Robert August, Robert Barrat, Robert Barrat. , Robert Beatty, Robert Benchley, Robert Blake, Robert Bray, Robert Carradine, Robert Clarke, Robert Colbert, Robert Coleby, Robert Coogan, Robert Coote, Robert Cornthwaite, Robert Culp, Robert Cummings, Robert De Niro, Robert DeNiro, Robert Donat, Robert DoQui, Robert Douglas, Robert Dracup, Robert Drivas, Robert Duvall, Robert Flemyng, Robert Forster, Robert Francis, Robert Frazer, Robert Fuller, Robert Gentile, Robert Goulet, Robert Graf, Robert Graves, Robert Harron, Robert Hays, Robert Horton, Robert Hutton, Robert Ivers, Robert Keith, Robert Klein, Robert Lansing, Robert Le Vigan, Robert Livingston, Robert Logan, Robert Loggia, Robert Lowery, Robert Manuel, Robert McWade, Robert Mitchum, Robert Montgomery, Robert Morley, Robert Morse, Robert Newton, Robert Paige, Robert Pickett, Robert Powell, Robert Preston, Robert Quarry, Robert Redford, Robert Rounseville, Robert Rusler, Robert Ryan, Robert Sean Leonard, Robert Shaw, Robert Sikma, Robert Stack, Robert Stanton, Robert Stephens, Robert Sterling, Robert Strauss, Robert Taylor, Robert Towne, Robert Townsend, Robert Vaughn, Robert Viharo, Robert Wagner, Robert Walker Jr, Robert Webber, Robert Wilcox, Robert Williams, Robert Wolard, Robert Woolsey, Robert Young


The next most popular names in order were: Richard, James, Michael, George and Charles.


The most popular actress' name which I found is: Mary:

Mary Ann Jackson, Mary Astor, Mary Badham, Mary Beth Hughes, Mary Boland, Mary Brian, Mary Carlisle, Mary Carlyle, Mary Carr, Mary Costa, Mary Donahue, Mary Doran, Mary Ellen Kay, Mary Fickett, Mary Foy, Mary Jo Tarola, Mary Kornman, Mary Lee, Mary Louise Miller, Mary Maguire, Mary Marr, Mary Mason, Mary McCarty, Mary McDonnell, Mary Meade, Mary Mitchel, Mary Murphy, Mary Nolan, Mary Peach, Mary Philbin, Mary Pickford, Mary Steenburgen, Mary Stuart Masterson, Mary Thurman, Mary Treen, Mary Tyler Moore, Mary Ure, Mary Welch, Mary Wickes, Mary Woronov

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