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Heads Up up coming June schedule has a movie some may find interesting


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Monster movie fans::

I have in the past requested The Beast From Hollow Mountain very rare old Republic film staring Guy Madison story about a Mexican rancher with a dinosaur problem,, it eating his cows and a few good men

It a intersting movie because it stars Guy Madison who was a pretty famous cowboy actor up there with Roy Rogers kind of fame sadly he mostly forgotten now did work in film and tv

I see the movie is scheduled June 21 st at 12:45 PM [NOON] so monster movie lovers set you DVR's and get some pop corn ready

check the schedule I believe I am correct... I am excited because I have not seen this one since I was a kid back in the 50's I'm a senior now so it been a long while...

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Ah yes, an old childhood favorite. Seen it many times since. I don't quite know why but I prefer it to Valley of Gwangi. Best stop-motion claymation T-Rex ever put to film. No carnival BS like in Valley of Gwangi instead film establishes a little air of mystery about a mountain surrounded by a dense impenetrable swamp most inhospitable during long hot droughts. I hope TCM will do us the courtesy of showing the wide screen print. :D

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Haven't seen it in years! Thanks for the heads up. I see Wikipedia refers to it as "the first film to show cowboys and dinosaurs in the same picture." There's a statistic for everything!http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Beast_of_Hollow_Mountain

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