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Maybe Spielberg should've called it It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad 1941. :^0 Awful, his worst. Totally lame ****. The guys, the girls, the supposedly clever slapstick that just all falls flat. The opening bit with the babe riding atop the **** sub? Somebody shoulda tapped Spielberg on the shoulder while he was shooting that and asked him what the heck Jaws has to do with WWII. A squiggly female derriere on a japanese sub mast. Inspired? Only 3 people in the movie are funny, Belushi, Ackroyd and the dummy. Ileanna loses a few points with me for picking this turkey.

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Since I didn't get to 1941 when it first came out, I was going to record it. But after reading these comments I'm glad that the best Orioles game of the year ran past the 10:00 starting time. Saved me a disk and a waste of two hours. I watched about five minutes of the film after the postgame wrapup, and it seemed to wholly justify the mocking I'm seeing here.

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Couldn't agree with you more. Sep. When Belushi and Ackroyd are on the screen it ain't too bad but when they ain't it's pretty bad. The stuff with Treat Williams, the plane and the broad is particularly lame especially when she starts fooling around with the stick. Spielberg thought some tomato fondling a plane's throttle control in a highly sexually suggestive way was going to elicit laughs? Sorry, I wasn't laughin'. Heck, I wasn't even amused.

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