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Why Ileana Douglas?


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I think it is because she is the granddaughter of Melvyn DOuglas and TCM does "keep it in the family" when possible. I think it gives a personal perspective to some films. She also has been a big supporter of TCM as I have seen her at the last 4 TCM Film Festivals and she has participated on panels on occasion.

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First of all let me say to you.....


Welcome to the Message Boards. I hope you will find discussions here to be thought provoking and interesting.


Now that this is out of the way let me say something to you and others like you. This is going to be a little education for you. You see what should happen when someone starts a thread here on the boards is to check to see if the subject matter they want to write about is being talked about on another similar thread either on the same forum or on another forum.


That is the case here with your Ileana Douglas thread on the General Discussions forum. You see, there is another thread that talks about Ileana Douglas over on the Hot Topics forum that has many views (over 4,000) and over 80 responses. And yet here you are on this forum starting up yet another thread about a subject that has already been talked about on another forum.


The overall problem I have is not really about your thread here on the General Discussions Forum, but rather the fact that many new posters as well as veterans of the message board do not take the time to perform basic research to see if the topic they want to talk about has already been started in another thread located elsewhere on the boards. Instead, folks just start up brand new thread with the hope that others will reply to them.


And I know that you are new here. But let me tell you something. I have been writing here since 2007 and in all of this time I don't think I have initiated more than 10 threads. I often comment on other threads. In other words, most of the time I do not need to start a thread to talk about a subject usually because the subjects are already being discussed in other threads.


This is where newbies like yourself and more importantly, old timers who start up new threads about topics that have already been discussed should at least perform some basic research to see if the subject they want to discuss has already had a thread started on that particular subject or topic.


Let me also say this:


You can do whatever you want to do. If you want to start up another thread about a similar topic already discussed on another forum, then go right ahead and do so. I just think that if you want to garner additional comments about what you have to say, then you might want to consider adding those comments to an already established thread that talks about what you want to talk about.


This way you will engage at the very least more people who may or may not agree with you. And really isn't this the reason you joined up? To me that is the most effective type of communication. When you can get others to engage with you thereby increasing your knowledge about a topic and also learning from others what they have to say.


Good luck with you on the boards and have a great time!



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As for "Who cares what she thinks. I find her obnoxious and I don't care what she thinks", well that can apply to others as well. For example, people that post at this forum.


Generally when wishing to have a conversation, I find it more useful to offer constructive criticism or to provide alterative 'solutions' etc...


Of course many here don't care what I think!



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Of course, many here don't care what I think!


I for one care very much what you "think" James !


There is a difference between someone who gives "constructive criticism" (such as yourself), or someone who is 'out and out rude' !



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