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Hussey as a hussy ?


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IMDB says her real name was Ruth Carol Hussey.


Maybe they pronounced it differently. Maybe they pronounced it something like Husey or Huzey.


I always thought Bebe Daniels was pronounced Bee-Bee, but I heard a trailer one time that called her Beeb.


Also, I always thought Zazu Pitts was pronounced Zaz-Zoo, but later I found out it was pronounced Zae-Zoo

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The family might have pronounced it something like Hugh-zey.


See this:



Another example of spelling-pronunciation that don?t match up is Ann Dvorak, who I always called Dvor-ack. But I found out she actually used the same pronunciation as the old-time composer Antonin Dvorak, which is pronounced something like Dvor-zhock:


http://www.howjsay.com/index.php?word=antonin dvorak


Ann?s real name was Anna McKim .

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I don't know how Ann got that name. I figure she liked the composer's music and knew how to pronounce his name and she maybe thought it was a high-class sounding European name. But I'm just guessing.


It seems to me that for actors with names that were not easily pronounced, the studios should have mentioned their names in their trailers, so people in the public would get used to them.

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