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99.999% SOLVED!!!: B&W British Murder Film...


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(very vague memory). Some man kills somebody. He wants to get on a boat (ferry?) to go across the English Channel. There's something about someone helping him and getting a fake passport with a fake name. In the end he gets a ride in a lorrey (sp) driven by a woman (I think) and is killed before getting on the boat. That's all. Anybody know this? Thanks! The lorrey (sp, truck) is an army type to carry soldiers with and has the tarp covering. I think there might be some other trucks as well that look like old milk delivery trucks (lorreys,sp). And of course the cop cars chasing them.


Not any of the following:


*Odd Man Out*



*They Made Me a Fugitive*



*Tiger Bay*



*Murder Most Foul*



*The Early Bird*



*British Intelligence*





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It has been discovered on earlier inquiries that, if one's memory is vague, then elements of a film may be misremembered, or combined with other films. The closest I can come to with a film involving an English person killing someone, trying to get a passport to flee to another country, and involved with a woman driving and fleeing from the police is Nowhere To Go:




Click on READ THE FULL SYNOPSIS to read a detailed description of the action.

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*Thank you, thank you!!* You've 99.999% solved this! The clips I watched here and at *YouTube* make me 99.999% certain that *Nowhere To Go* is INDEED the film I asked about. After 767 TCMHD broadcasts it on August 22 at 1800MT and it IS the film I seek...it will be 100% fully-confirmed. Thanks again!!


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