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Suggesting a Star of the Month??


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I was wondering if there is any way to suggest a 'Star of the Month' to TCM? I have been a longtime fan of actress Anne Baxter and I NEVER see her honored or remembered by any classic movie buffs other than as 'Eve' in 'All About Eve', despite the fact that she was an acamdemy award winner and had a lengthy, distinguished career in many hit movies. As far as I know, TCM has never had her as a Star of the Month ever in its 20+ year history. Eleanor Parker who starred in lesser known films is their May 2013 Star of the Month??? Poor Anne has been passed up and overlooked for WAY too long!!!

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Welcome to the boards!


Unlike the "Suggest a Movie" microsite, there's no official mechanism for suggesting Stars of the Month.


However, in the past, there have been campaigns for films and actors.


Arturo has such a thread going for Linda Darnell to be recognized as a SOTM.


His thread, filled with valuable information on Ms. Darnell, and focused on the desire to see her honored as a SOTM is a great example of such an effort.


Back in 2010, I started such a thread in hopes of getting Joel McCrea honored as a SOTM. Like Arturo does with his thread dedicated to Ms. Darnell, I tried to keep the McCrea thread focused, polite and updated. As time went on, it garnered a great deal of support from the community.


In May of last year, we were all rewarded when Joel was SOTM.


So, it is possible, just know that it takes time and dedication but when it pays off, it's great!


Another tact to take is the enter the next Programming Challenge. The Challenge is not sponsored by TCM but it gives you a chance to program a week of TCM style programming that includes choosing a SOTM. TCM staff is known to follow the Program Challenges and use ideas from the Challenges when they program films and themes.


Here is a link to Arturo's thread on Linda Darnell:



And here's a link to the Joel McCrea thread:


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Hi! Thanks for the welcome :) That sounds like a good idea and I did see the thread for Miss Darnell (another fave of mine!) I may petition for one for Anne. Anne is my favorite classic actress. I was literally obsessed with her when I was in my 20s. I collected photos and articles about her life, career, and even her death. She died so young and so suddenly and she just seemed so enigmatic. Even though I've moved on from my obsession she still fascinates and haunts me. I even had a Myspace page devoted to her back in the day :) I think she is beautiful, talented, and very underrated. My favorite movie she did was 'Angel on My Shoulder' in 1946. That one co-starred Paul Muni (one of my favorite actors) and I would love to see her honored as a SOTM. It could introduce her to many new fans. Sadly, she has been passed over many times since her death. I did some research, and after she passed in 1985, she was omitted from the 1986 Academy Awards Tribute (which deeply upset her family) and it seems to be ongoing to this day :(

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