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Full restored ending to "Horror of Dracula" (w/ lost footage) is here!

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And it's worth checking out!:




They include the famed extended shots of Christopher Lee's disintegration- his face not fully decayed; hands tearing off flesh; his hand and foot disintegrate with an extra reveal of the arm and leg bones and it seems as though there is more dust and powder in this version. (Culled I think from a Japanese print?)


*It's cool.*


I also note, and this is me being a TOTAL GEEK, but: is it just me or are the books Van Helsing knocks over on the library table now clearly bound with string whereas in the scenes used in the DVD and TCM-aired version, they are a single-piece prop?


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Just compared it to the DVD (yes, I am a loser)


You can see the string in that too, I guess maybe the 2012 remaster is just cleaner and clearer and you can see the string. I've always thought it looked like a solid (glued together) stack of prop books.


The new version is better though, *the added decay scenes really work and I wish they had been there along.*


I could almost swear some of the reaction shots of Lee are different in this version. Either way: there's more of it and *it's better and it's awesome to be able to finally see it after hearing about it forever.*

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Ah yes the hammer dracula series. What a wasted opportunity. They give Cushing Brides of Dracula and without the power of Lee's presence. Years later the hammer geniuses give us Lee again as Dracula but without any dialogue. Then Dracula has risen from the grave with some minimal dialogue for Lee and some great atmosphere then it's downhill after that. Why should Dracula care if Lord Courtley kicks off on his blood and being kicked by 3 victorian thrill seekers? Then he devotes his energies to killing them off indirectly. Then we get Scars of Dracula with rubber bats and a burned out castle and a vampire chick that gets stabbed to death? And the last 2 Alan Gibson messes bring Lee's hammer dracula series to an ignoble end.

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