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Osmond movies


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good money NOT to see those movies.


Could we instead take up a collection, just to get you your own collection of these OOP prints, and then you could watch them in the peace and privacy of your own home, instead of infiltrating the airwaves with such flotsam and jetsam?


Personally, I don't think my tv screen is big enough to take in the teeth of both Marie and Donny in a widescreen showing.


I'd rather see a guest interview with Robert Osborne interviewing Marie's first husband, and then a documentary on that guy who was the Salamander letter forger and bomb enthusiast in Salt Lake City.


Work on it in the suggestion area, okay? I'm singing "Paper Roses" just for you as I write this post.





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Good for you Osmondfan. Don't ever give up.

I for one always enjoyed watching their TV show with my kids and found the duo to be entertaining.


Besides what can be worse that some of the garbage coming at us today? And they call it comedy! Ugh.

When I view one of the newer films on HBO I'm usually so grateful that I didn't pay to see it at the movies.



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Please, try Ebay (either someone will have a VHS copy if the film has been commercially released or a copy off of tv) and don't try to convince any of us that an Osmond film is a "classic" by any definition. I doubt Turner or Warners even owns them.

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might be possible, with a new agent for the Osmonds who picked better material for their talents. Then TCM would happily show the film for their fans.


I can see it now...Donny and Marie in a revival of "The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams. Marie plays Blue Roses, who is the daughter with pleurisy of the former belle of the ball, Dolly Parton, and Donny plays the working brother, who supports both mum and sis. Laurette Taylor does seem a bit different from Parton, but I would have case Tallulah Bankhead as the mother, and she and Dolly share a lot of the same attributes southern style, what with their most ostentatious style and far out dress.


Into the mix, comes the Gentleman Caller, who Donny brings home to meet his most shy sister, and I would cast Billy Ray Cyrus, who was so good in that David Lynch film. They can change the Menagerie collection of glass animals, with the broken unicorn, to Marie's doll collection which she sells on Home Shopping Network and title the film, "The China Doll Menagerie".


Donny and Marie have unused talent, and just need to find some proper vehicles to display them, instead of wasting their inherent abilities on films like the Cocoanuts one.



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Hi All! As many of you may know, the Osmonds are very deeply devoted Mormons. Mormons don't believe in doing anything that is not acceptable under their doctrine. That is why, probably, that Donny and Marie have stuck to Kindergarten films-in between Marie being pregnant. At last count I caught she had 7 and one in the shute. Besides that, all Mormon kids aged 18 or so are required to do 2 years of voluntary mission work for the church. And I once read where their church told them to keep doing what they were doing as this was an acceptable mission for the church. Any other information on this subject out there?

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is from what I read in that book called "Salamander" which is about the bombing enthusiast/forger named Mark Hoffman, who killed some people in Salt Lake City who were unearthing his Joseph Smith, and other forgeries that he had been selling to the LDS hierachy.


I will say that the story would make an excellent movie, but I doubt if Donny and Marie would want to be involved.

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