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Osborne got the title wrong

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For me matronly conjures up someone who's 20 pounds overweight (or more) who wears frumpy clothes. Neither one fits the bill in my mind. Neither one was Marilyn Monroe, that I admit....

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Well I had to look up the definition of matron and all it means is someone that is married or marked by social distinction. Nothing about looks. So the term used by us guys doesn't really fit here.


I still say it has to do more with their hairstyles. Take Jane Wyman. I had only seen her 50's films with that helmet head hairstyle. This was a gal I wouldn't make a pass at. But then I saw her in some 40's WB movies with long flowing hair and she was very attractive.


My wife also made a comment about the hairstyles. She felt many of the gals in studio era movies of the 40's and 50's looked great when wearing hats (which was way more common than it is today), but without the hats their hairstyle was funky. She wondered if these hairstyles were designed for hats.



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>she didn't look that "matronly" when she was in the milk swimming pool in "The Sign of the Cross" or sailing down the Nile in "Cleopatra"...


I wore out my tape of The Sign of the Cross by watching that milk bath scene over and over again. :)


Claudette was beautiful in Cleopatra, and DeMille did a great job with those scenes on her boat, about the way she trapped Marc Antony with a very well thought-out seduction scheme. It took hours for her to set up the plan, and then she just sat back and waited for him to arrive. In that film, she was both a strong woman and very feminine.


Then there at the end, after getting Antony drunk, Claudette nodded for her aides to close the curtains around them, like a spider trapping a fly in a web, and then her boat sailed off down the Nile with the slow beat of the drum and the beautiful romantic music, that is one of my favorite scenes in all of film history. I wonder if the real Cleopatra had someone like DeMille to help stage her private parties. :)


Narration by DeMille:


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>Neither do I., Hibi. A superficial observation, that 's a "guy thing" as one of those guys. wrote. Of course these guys I'm sure are are faultless in their appearance. LOL ( or at least that's what they'll say about themselves)


Very true, Lavender. The world IS full of men who think they're better looking than they are, and women who think they're less better looking than what they are.


Now ya see, I'VE always thought that IF we could somehow give women and little girls a little of that over-estimation of their appearance that boys and men seem to have in over-abundance, THEN a whole lot of women and little girls MIGHT become a little more confident in themselves and stop comparing themselves to those Super Models and pretty actresses they see on covers of magazines, on TV and in the movies.


(...of course somethin' like that COULD cause havoc within the Cosmetics Industry if it ever catches on, huh?!)

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Without revealing too many details, let me say that some girls like to keep up a public appearance of being nice girls. Because, they ARE nice girls.


However.... well.... you know.... a steaming jungle in Southeast Asia, and a sudden monsoon rainstorm.... and she finds herself in Clark Gable's arms.... well, you know what I'm talking about. :)

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