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I had to web-search who this Caputo woman was you've just mentioned, as I had no idea, Sepia.


And after finding this video of her which attempts to prove her as a fraud...



...I must say...


My, what a lovely accent she has.



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I'm always happy posting here and sharing with the public. That public includes a large readership besides those who are actively posting. (Right now the stats show 474 guests, 19 users) The readers often outnumber the posters by a factor of 20, sometimes even a 100 or more!


I'm fine with discussion and feedback; I'm also fine without it. What's important to me upon rereading my published posts is: was I true to myself? Did I share any worthwhile knowledge or insights with a large and msotly silent readership? My reward is looking at the hit count, especially for my own threads. When I see that go into the thousands, even the tens of thousands, then I feel I have affected an audience and that my subject and work is getting exposure. That always justifies my effort!



Things posted to a very public and widely read forum like this are "bread cast upon the waters". One never meets all the people who read my stuff. I don't know who they are nor can I know the full impact upon people's ability to appreciate classic film or the influence on their interests. They could be film producers, Hollywood deal makers, actors, video publishers, critics, scholars- and they are also people in all walks of life. They are people of all ages and levels of familiarity with classic film. Most gratifying of all have been Personal Messages to me, especially from appreciative young people.



Writing to me is a form of showmanship and performance art, and this website is a stage. I am engaged in a form of broadcasting when I post here. I live for the audience even though I'll never hear from most of them! I am grateful to Time/Warner and TCM for having provided me this "microphone" and podium, whereby I can reach so many wonderful people who share my interest and passion for classic film!



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> {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote}

> > {quote:title=lzcutter wrote:}{quote} ...I do have to agree with you that the focus here, as of late, is more about "pushing the envelope" than discussions about films and TCM.

> But lzcutter, no offence, but I've noticed that both you and kyle, while the two of you will often participate on a thread like this, one which is a discussion about the TCM message board itself, neither of you, as far as I can tell, actually post very often on actual theads discussing movies. I'm not talking about the "joking" threads, but about interesting and "serious" (whatever we mean by that) thread topics. Some recent ones are the threads about "Dark Passage", "Scaramouche", the Film Noir Friday Night thread (ok, that one's mine, but the others aren't) and Tom's "Barlowe" thread.


> Maybe you two just visit different forums, or maybe you've been on this website so long,you've already discussed everything and don't feel the need to do so again.

> Fair enough. I'm just curious, I'm not trying to be provocative or challenging here. But I have observed that neither you nor kyle post very much on discussion threads, even legitimate ones (at least the ones I go on) , unless they are , as I said, conversations about behaviour on the message boards themselves.

> I've often wondered why I don't see you guys posting comments on the dicscussion threads here very often. And theyr'e not all "silly", or even if so, many do more or less stay on topic.


> Edited by: misswonderly on Jun 22, 2013 1:17 AM






ps- I'm front row, second from the right (in spirit, at least.)


pss- pour vous:




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I just don't see what's so bad about getting to know each other on different levels OTHER than our likes, dislikes, knowledge or ignorance about old movies and TCM. In spite of topics in threads that deal with something other than classic film and the channel on which they're shown, those two still manage to get discussed.



If there's a thread dealing with something ELSE besides these two main areas, IGNORE them. DON'T come into them complaining that they're not about something YOU wish to discuss.






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You will see in the display posted below the reason I choose to be very selective about how I participate in these Forums. Why draw undue attention to myself when some are looking for a reason to be rude and insulting. I don't even have to put a target on my back. Apparently It is already there with multiple arrows in it!


It seems Mr. DeWitless would like it if I disappeared forever. He would like all the apologists to go away so that he can let his caustic commentary go by unnchallenged. JohnnyGeetar thought the same thing.


I am not watching every movie shown on TCM nor am I interested in every theme or subject on TCM - and by extension, then brought to this Forum. But this is the place for discussing TCM and its programming and I treat it as such.


What I do not believe is that this place exists to function as a chat room. And lately too many people are using the Forums for that purpose more than anything else. Sadly, it has become an impediment to other members using the Forums as intended. Some of those folks would do well to investigate using Twitter so their fans can follow all their witticisms in private so that the rest of the membership won't have their on-topic threads disrupted.


I am not completely silent on many subjects here. I have made my thoughts known about the offensive dialogue in that other thread, I have questioned the logic of putting all the franchise programming into the weekend slots and I wondered aloud just how many different "Special Guests" TCM can accomodate in a single month and if it is "Personality" overkill.


In the mean time, I'll be around as long as I enjoy being here and expect you will do the same -- whatever our reasons and motivations.


And that's all I have to say about that.


Kyle (8+ years with one account) In Hollywood

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Well folks, there ya go!


IF for NO other reason than to supply these little "cathartic" opportunities for the Assembled at this most hallowed of websites, these sorts of threads DO serve a very valuable service, I suppose.


Sooooo...might you have forgotten to mention anybody else who you might think either "has it out for you" OR find myself thinking "they're only here to crack jokes"? I mean, I'll gladly turn to the floor back over to ya here Kyle if you think you might've forgotten to mention someone!


(...but don't worry, I usually DO like readin' your stuff, and DEFINITELY in MY case anyway, DO NOT "wish to see you leave forever", no MATTER who you might next mention by name!)


OH, and more parenthetical "btw" to follow here...


(...the reason I dropped MY "Facebook Account" is because way too many of my "friends" there kept sending me all their ideas about their "political opinions", and no matter how many times I'd tell 'em that their opinions were full of horse-pucky and please cease and desist, some of 'em would STILL do it!...and besides how many pictures of people's kids, cats and dogs does one have to see anyway?!!)




Edited by: Dargo2 on Jun 23, 2013 10:55 AM

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*AddisonDeWitless, Dargo2 and darkblue have been placed on post-moderation for harassing ther users. They can continue to post all he wants, but they will not be making any more sarcastic or derisive comments directly or indirectly about other users of this forum. They'll be off post-moderation as soon as I am convinced they won't do it again.*


*Folks who don't want to play nice need to find another forum.*


Edited by: TCMWebAdmin on Jun 23, 2013 2:04 PM

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I thought some of it was borderline disrespectful to fellow posters. We are all resources to one another around here. Not everyone is going to approach 'issues' the same way, so tolerance and patience and a willingness to learn from each other should be the norm.

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