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Missing Scene? In Harm's Way, Please help


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Missing Scene? In Harm's Way

Posted: May 27, 2013 2:11 PM


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I think the movie (or perhaps just my copy) is missing a scene. "In Harm's Way" starring John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Dana Andrews, Paula Prentiss, etc...by Otto Preminger


At about 19 1/2 minutes in, following Halsey arriving at Pearl Harbor HQs to decide actions to take responding to the attack by the Japanese, the character Paul Eddington enters at John Wayne's ship and John Wayne (Rock Torry) asks him "Are all your personal problems resolved?" Kirk Douglas (Eddington) replies "They've been cut down to size."


My question is, what is the stimulus for Eddidington's problems to become resolved. There is no indication why he enters the scene in a rain slicker ... from the previous scenes on this ship with the Captain (Torry) Wayne and him (Douglas) Commander Eddington. The audience knows that his wife (his problems) has been killed in a car accident but he (Eddington) doesn't know it yet and it seems to me that there was a scene between Wayne & Douglas that is missing...


Any information? Thanks, Robin

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I've seen this movie numerous times but I am only going by memory here. I am sure that Kirk goes to the morgue to identify the body (his wife's). Then he goes to a bar where he gets in a fight and gets arrested. Duke, of course, has to bail him out. That all must have happened in between the parts you describe and maybe thats a segment you are missing.

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The best I can get from the movie is that it was implied Douglas did some soul searching off camera in the intervening time between his and Torry's talk at about 7 minutes or so and when he comes on to the bridge. An indication that would happen comes at the end of thier talk when Douglas apologizes for his bitter comment that he didn't give a damn. He enters the bridge in a rain slicker because the ship is most likely passing through a storm. Symbolically, it's a reflection of his dark mood passing, or being washed away.

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Luckily for me I have some free time right now, so lets get the In Harms Way DVD out and see where the problem is.....


It sounds to me that either you missed part of the movie or in fact the movie was cut. Which is hard to believe.


Lets reconstruct the scenes.


At the 7:00 mark of the film, is the first time we meet Commander Paul Eddington. This is when Captain Rockwell Torrey goes to his cabin to see if he is awake and informs Paul that he has gunnery practice. They speak for a few moments and this is when Paul asks Torrey to write him up only to be told that Paul already has a non-distinguished career, and that a transfer will not help. Torrey tells Paul that he needs to run his ship and soon Paul will be force to fish or cut bait. Torrey tells that Paul that he can't wash away his marital problems with drinking. He knows better himself.


After this scene (9:03) the action switches to a beach on Oahu where Eddington's wife Liz (Barbara Bouchet) and the naval commander (Hugh O'Brien) she went skinny dipping the night before are waking up. This scene (9:38) quickly cuts to junior officer Mac McConnel (Tom Tryon) being delivered to his destroyer, the USS Cassidy. He is shown coming on board the destroyer being met by CPO Culpepper (Slim Pickens). The scene then switches to the bow of the destroyer where several other JG's are standing around (including Larry Hagman) playing cards when a message comes in indicating that the destroyer Ward has dropped depth charges on a submarine inside the defensive area of the harbor. (This actually happened).


At 11:08 the action switches back to Torrey's Heavy Cruiser, where he is reading the same message and tells Lt. Commander Burke (Carroll O'Connor) to start zig-zagging. At 11:19, Paul Eddington reappears only this time he is clean shaven and dressed smartly. At 11:42 a lookout says that he sees a large group of planes orbiting the north side of Oahu. Paul also sees more planes over Diamond Head. This is it!!!! At 12:06, General Quarters is sounded by Torrey. He doesn't like what he is seeing and hearing from both the lookout and Paul.


At this point, the cruiser jumps into action. At 12:57 we go back to the destroyer Cassidy and follow her exploits during the attack. At 13:25 we then go back to the beach where the commander and Liz first notice Japanese planes. They rush to his car and a few moments later they are involved in an accident with a truck and both are killed. This happens at the 16:14 mark. In between are several intercuts back and forth between what is happening with the Cassidy and the two lovers.


At 17:45, Admiral Kimmel's (Franchot Tone) car pulls up to the Administration building at Pearl Harbor. He then goes inside the building to be told about the status of the fleet. This is where we meet Admiral Broderick (Dana Andrews) for the first time.


Then the next scene at 19:46 shows Torrey's cruiser in a rain squall and Commander Eddington comes in out from the rain onto the bridge where Torrey asks him "All your personal problems solved?" Eddington replies: "Well, lets just say that they are cut down to size."


It is not until after Torrey's ship gets hit by a torpedo and his subsequent demotion pending review that we see Eddington go to the city morgue to identify his wife's body. This is at marker 31:14.


Other notes:


Unfortunately, by the time this movie was made the Navy only had one ship leftover and in service with all guns on board. And they were more than happy to allow the filmmakers to use this cruiser and several other destroyers, submarines and troop ships. This cruiser was the USS Saint Paul, CA-73, a Baltimore class Heavy Cruiser. She had been slightly updated with new radars, new 3" anti-aircraft guns and the removal of her forward five inch gun turret. So the scenes showing this ship in real life was sort of messed up when scenes later on showed models of the same ship with WWII guns and radars inserted.


Hope this info helps!

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Thanks for your time and attention. You basically covered all the things I did and still I believe there are scenes cut. You did confirm that my copy is the same as yours.


Here's my thoughts. Since Capt. Torrey has woke up and awaiting someone (he calls the name "Larry") to come to attention, as in eating breakfast and conferring with at the beginning of their duty day (someone being K. Douglas/Eddington?), Torry goes to his cabin's door, opens it and sees that there is a sentry posted outside his door. Torry says "Oh, then it'll be bacon and eggs for me." Torrey then discards his shaving towel and leaves his cabin and goes down a hall to Eddington's office where he finds him asleep on the couch, unshaven, etc... I believe that scenes were cut where it may have shown some kind of violent/aggressive relationship between another crew member (probably an officer) and Eddington where someone has or is egging on Eddington about his trashy wife, thus the sentry there, guarding the captain and his obviously commander/executive officer's hallway. Perhaps there was a rucckus the night before between Eddington and the other antagonizing party... That would make sense in two ways. If there was yet another scene cut where Eddington and this antoganizing party confronting each other (just prior to Eddington's entry into the Conn where Torry asks him "Well, are your personal problems taken care of" as in did you get the fight over with...? and the reply, "Let's just say ther're cut down a size." Otherwise, there is still no stimulus for that scene or comment. I like the comment someone provided that it's a metaphore ... storm washing away....but it's not cohesive enough for me to assume that... the storm isn't even an aspect for the scenes before or after so I don't think that's the answer.


Are there any books about Premminger and his movies and what happens to screenplays after the film has been made? I'll almost bet that there were scenes to those kind of effects...tying someone else on the ship to Eddington's wife and thus, a conflict between Eddington and that person. Remember, Eddington doesn't yet know about his wife being killed or even that she had been at the Officer's party the evening before with the Air Force Officer.... He does have problems with her which is evident by his being hung-over on the couch, wife's picture on his coffee table and Torry telling him you can't drink away your problems meaning the wife...


I feel like this is now becomming a treasure hunt. If someone had the screenplay, there might be some clues there. Or, does anyone maintain an "uncut" version of the film??


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Thanks for your help... I still believe though there is more to it than a metaphore or symbolic. The storm (assuming it was a storm) had nothing to do with anyting in the film. It's pretty specific that Douglas/Eddington was off "doing" something. I think he was confronting someone else on the ship who was or had been antagonizing him about his trashy wife. I believe that there was a confrontation the night before on the ship, thus the sentry at the Captain's door... If those or that scene was cut out, then the other would also have to come out... the stimulus before Eddington comes into the Con with his rain slicker and it's something that the Capt was aware of. Eddington didn't know about his wife going out with the Air Force officer, or the skinny dipping on the beach or even that she died in a firey car crash. He is probably having problems with an officer aboard his ship in relation to his wife. I wish there was a copy of the original screen play to look up and see if there were any scenes to those effects.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Thanks for your help but no... the identification of his wife and then the brawl are all after Torrey's ship returns to port. The beginning of the movie, leading up to and during the Pearl Harbor attack is where I believe there are some scenes that might indicate K. Douglas having some fight or something with someone who is taunting him about his trashy wife aboard the ship. Eddington doesn't know at that point about her being at an officer's party with an Air Force officer or skinny dipping or even getting killed in the car crash yet.


Wish I had a copy of the original screenplay or if someone could take a gander at it.


Best regards, Robin

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I'm sorry to say, looking over the opening minutes of the movie, I found I missed some scenes. Let's list the first scenes with Torrey and Eddington (the times are according to my recoding, which may vary a little from others):


I. 6:13 to 8:13. The first conversation between the two. Eddington appears to be late for gunnery stations and Torrey calls him on it. Torrey tells Eddington drowning his marital troubles in booze is interfering with the performance of his duties, and to shape up or ship out. Eddington says he doesn't give a damn, but then apologizes. Torrey tells him to clean himself up before he comes topside, evidently implying he will overlook this failure to be at his station.


II. 10:19 to 12:06. In response to a communication about a sub sighting and dropping of depth charges, Torrey issues orders for evasive action. Eddington appears, scrubbed, and with a positive attitude, which Torrey greets with cheerful banter. They then sight airplane formations (unbeknownst to them, the beginning of the Pearl Harbor attack) which Torrey doesn't like and he has Eddington order general quarters--no drill.


III. 17:42 to 18:00. In response to sighting a ship coming out from Pearl Harbor during the attack, Torrey orders Eddington to signal all ships coming out to form up with his ship.


IV. 19:05 to 20:12. The scene looks like the bridge, with Torrey in it. It seems to be night, and Eddington enters in a slicker, wet. We see rainy weather through the portholes. Torrey asks him if all his personal problems are resolved. Eddington replies that they are cut down to size. Torrey gets orders to pursue the Japanese fleet, and then makes preparations.


There seems to be some kind of discontinuity between the first three scenes, which flow naturally, and scene IV. Wether this is the result of editing, or changes in the script during filming, I cannot say.

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I think this is a historic movie mystery. I need to find out how to get a message to Bob O. or Manchiewicz...


I believe that the original screenplay will show some kind of scenes where K. Douglas is in some kind of altercation with another crew member... (specific problem?)


The statement Torrey makes to Eddington, then Eddington to Torrey on the bridge...after coming in with his rain slicker on, regarding having cut his problems/troubles down to size, to me, indicates there is a specific problem ... the talk earlier that morning isn't enough in my mind to connect to the later scene.


I may never know. hahahaha... Thanks for your help though. Robin

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Okay...at 'script fly' the screen play can be obtained for $22.00 and it notes:


IN HARM'S WAY [miss pps 134,196|http://forums.tcm.com/] (1965)....hmmm?? missing pages 134 and or through 196?


I don't have a spare $22 bucks to found out though... :-)


Wendell Mayes died in 1992...Impressive list of screenplays though;


Sprit of St. Louis

The Enemy Below

The Poseiden Adventure

North to Alaska

Bank Shot

Death Wish (1974-original)

The Hunters (R. Mitchum)

Anatomy of a Murder

Von Ryan's Express

Advise & Consent

The Stalking Moon

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