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Any Love For Aldo Ray?


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I've always loved him- although he seems like a tough guy stereotype, his handsome looks, gravelly voice and big guy grace created the stereotype.

He wasn't a trained actor but he always brought truth to his roles just by being himself.

Amazing when you think THE MARRYING KIND was only his 5th movie-as the husband he carried half the film with wonderful Judy Holliday. He was great in that, totally believable.


Then his small bit in PAT & MIKE as the boxer-another great performance. Three films later, he's in a lead again as a soldier in BATTLE CRY and 2 films later a convict in WE'RE NO ANGELS.


He seems to be that big tough dope with a heart of gold, a sweetheart inside. Who doesn't love that? I'll watch just about any film with Aldo Ray in it, he just seems to elevate it.



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I like him very much. He very much is his character and if he is acting it is not apparent.


I believe the first time I saw him was in: *We're No Angels* (1955) and he is one of the reasons that movie is so very perfect. That was not an easy role to do well because he must be an easy-going and lovable man who greatly loves his pet while wanting to kill Basil Rathbone in a non-threatening way.


I saw him in a movie once so very long ago that I had to look it up to find the title: *Musketeers of the Sea* (1962). It was an odd little movie. I remember little of it except how good he made me feel in each scene in which he appeared.

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I'm a big fan of Aldo Ray also and always though he had a natural talent in front of the camera. The story goes that Columbia President Harry Cohn once told him never to take acting lessons because it would rob him of him of that very thing. Cohn also wanted to cast him in the role of Robert E. Lee Prewitt in "From Here to Eternity", but director Fred Zinnemann helt out for Montgomery Clift.

I met him around 1986-87 in Crockett, Ca., North of San Francisco, where he was living and his health had declined, but, sadly, his drinking hadn't.


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