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Suggestions for Summer Hollywood Films (30s-60s)


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It is my first post here.

I love old Hollywood movies, and I'm watching such films all the time.

I was wondering if you have any suggestions about

Hollywood films mostly of the 1930s to 1960s that have to do with summer or feel very summer-y. Maybe mostly family feel-good movies, or musicals (Fred Astaire, Gene kelly etc.), but adventure too..

I can't find any such list on the net. They're mostly about later films.


I'm searching for films like:


*Summer Holiday (1948)*

*Summer Stock (1950)*

*The Naked Jungle (1954)*

*Summertime (1955)*

*Seven Year Itch (1955)*

*Boy on a Dolphin (1957)*

*Swiss Family Robinson (1960)*

*The Parent trap (1961)*

*Room for one more (1962)*

*Mr. Hobbs takes a vacation (1962)*

*Mutiny on the Bounty (1962)*

*Summer Magic (1963)*

*The Moon Spinners (1964)*



I have also in mind the *Beach Party* movies.



Thank you in advance!

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*Summer Holiday* is, of course, a remake of the play and 1935 movie *Ah, Wilderness!*


Also from 1935 is *A Midsummer Night's Dream*


*Sunnyside Up* from 1929 starts off on the Fourth of July and is mostly if not entirely set during the rest of the summer.

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*Centennial Summer (1946)* - A Fox musical that might be hard to find since it is rarely shown and does not appear to be out on dvd.


*The Long, Hot Summer (1958)* - I've never seen it myself, but the title certainly seems to fit the criteria you're looking for.


*Picnic (1955)* - I consider this a quintessential summer movie.


*The Pajama Game (1957)* - This just popped into my head because of the company picnic scene that culminates in the "Once a Year Day" number and clearly takes place in the summer, as does the rest of the movie.


*Two Weeks With Love (1950)* - The story concerns a family spending two weeks of summer vacation in the Catskills.


*Having Wonderful Time (1938)* - Another summer vacation in the Catskills movie.

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