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If you could be an extra in any movie, what would it be?


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Richard Harland Smith has recently posted an article on the Movie Morlocks blog about a desire to be part of various movie scenes in real life:




Although an enjoyable article, it triggered in me the opposite thought of what it would be like to part of a movie scene in reel rather than real life. Basically, if I could be an extra in any movie, what would it be? And what scene would I want to be in?



Although a number of possibilities have came to my mind, I'll mention the first. *Casablanca* is my favorite movie and I would love to be part of the crowd singing "La Marseillaise" in Rick's Café Americain. In order to be nice to any other extra within earshot of me, however, I would just move my lips. :)



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Hmmmm...good question.


Aah! I've got IT!


1975's "Give 'em Hell, Harry!"


Yep, I always thought there was somethin' missin' with that one-man show...He had nobody to give Hell to!


(...and Lord knows I've always been pretty good at receivin' that from folks, 'cause I can TAKE it, and so I would've been GREAT as an extra in THAT..and besides, I always DID like James Whitmore)



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Okay RR, fess up.


The REAL reason for that is 'cause you think after your scenes were shot you could somehow spirit off either a Mauser Gewehr 98 or Winchester 73 to add to your collection, isn't it?! ;)


Don't worry though, in MY case(other than that whole "Give 'em Hell, Harry" thing I mentioned earlier on a lark) I suppose I would've liked being an extra in "The Wild One", and so I could maybe "spirit off" one of those cool ol' Triumphs or Harley motorcycles in that baby!


(...btw RR, I was kiddin' here of course, as I know you and I would never do somethin' like that)


Edited by: Dargo2 on Jun 23, 2013 3:21 PM

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Ya know, with all these picks of "Casablanca" here, I'm startin' to wonder how my of you REALLY know all the words to "La Marseillaise"???


(...'cause ya know ya MIGHT'VE been asked to least MOUTH that tune in the background!) ;)

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Darn Dargo2 Darn, I WOULD like to have the MAUSER and a potato masher too but I am Shocked, simply Shocked at your suggestion/inference....................................................................one of Wayne's revolvers as well plus Walter B.'s grungy old hat and one of the weird blue French Army coats and red pants that made them such delightful targets. Your "ol' Triumph or Harley" would have been a heck of a five fingered PRIZE for sure and maybe Brando's cycle hat. The list is endless now that I think of all the cool memorabilia one could have BORROWED FOR EXTENDED RESEARCH over the decades.

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> {quote:title=Geminigirl wrote:}{quote}I would have loved to have been one of the servants helping Yul Brynner dress for battle with Charlton Heston in "The Ten Commandments".......................

Brynner: "My armor, war crown" menial: "I obey!" Brynner: "I will bring you back your temple treasures" priest: "Divine one!" :D

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> {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}

> I would like to have been an extra in SLEUTH, because I would have then been the only extra in the film, and everyone would have noticed me.


They would likely have made you a statue or mannequin.


It would make a contrast to the motion of the sailor figure which did not look lifelike. I assume by this of course that you could remain motionless for a take and that you could be made up to appear lifelike.

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