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vast majority of the September 2013 schedule - or at least it will be

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The official TCM published schedule won't be posted until August 1st. I also see that the 1925 Phantom of the Opera is scheduled for October 27th. Not sure what you mean by showing the "REAL" 1925Phantom though. Is there more than one?


Also in October -


Village of the Damned on 10/25

The Good Die Young on 10/10

Freaks on 10/19 AND 10/30

Diabolique (1955 version) on 10/27

The Death Kiss on 10/26

The Gorgon on 10/5

Walk, Don't Run on 10/2

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Fishmier ,



where is everybody getting information on what's showing in October ? if the schedule isn't up yet , where is everybody getting their information ?






There are two silent versions of Phantom of the Opera. There's the original , rarely seen 1925 version and there's the 1930 re-release sound version that's shown without the soundtrack. The 1930 version is what's been shown again and again on TCM over the years. 1930 version is also what's mostly available on DVD.



Differences between 1925 and 1930 Phantoms :



1925 : runs longer , only survives in 16 mm, scenes are moved around with different title cards , story is told differently like it's a different movie , new characters not seen in '30 version. Lon Chaney's unmasking scene is filmed from a different angle and is scarier than the 1930 version.



1930 : phantom of the opera was re-released in theatres with sound in 1930. The version TCM keeps showing is the 1930 version without the soundtrack , but with a music score by carl davis.






Only the 1930 versions survives in good condition. Almost nothing exists of the original 1925 version. Only in 16mm prints made during the 50's. The same goes for 1923's Hunchback of Notre Dame. Only 16mm prints.






Milestone released a Phantom of the opera DVD set 10 years ago. It had the 1925 versions and 1930 version (with the 1930 soundtrack and the carl davis score).






You can watch the unmasking scenes on youtube.



look for "the real unmasking from Chaney's 1925 phantom" on you tube. you will see two versions of the unmasking scene.






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Thanks for all the info on The Phantom of the Opera. I really had no idea regarding the history of the film and the differences in some of the scenes, etc. I will absolutely go and take a look at that over on youtube. It sounds pretty interesting. Thanks again for taking the time to fill me in with all of the detailed info. Much appreciated!


As far as digging up advanced schedule info, it is purely by chance in searching through either the actors names or just reading about different movies and as O'brien said, sometimes, if the movie has been scheduled, you can see the date and time there. So for me it's just by chance. Others, I think, may have special powers.


Calvinnme has posted pretty much the entire October schedule already. You can look at it here:



Thanks again for the "Phantom" info!



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One change I noticed for the TCM Underground slot on Sept. 21/22:


Jodie Foster in Foxes (1980) has been replaced by Frank Zappa in 200 Motels (1971).


Last seen on TCM in 2008, 200 Motels is recommended mainly for folks who have always been curious to see 200 Motels.


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"One change I noticed for the TCM Underground slot on Sept. 21/22:


Jodie Foster in Foxes (1980) has been replaced by Frank Zappa in 200 Motels (1971)."

















*Does that happen very often ---changes made in the lineup when a schedule for the month has already been posted?*



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> Does that happen very often ---changes made in the lineup when a schedule for the month has already been posted?


Changes to a schedule can occur because the rights to the film become unavailable. The TCM monthly schedule is posted in advance and some films have not been completely tied down rights-wise.


As a month gets closer and the details worked out, sometimes a film is pulled from the schedule because TCM discovers that the rights aren't available.


Sometimes this is because the company or distributor discovers they don't completely own all the rights (music soundtracks with pop or rock and roll songs can create rights issues because the music rights must be cleared as well and while the distributor may have the distribution rights they may not have cleared the music) or it is discovered that another network holds the rental rights for that particular time frame (as happened with a screening of *Sullivan's Travels* a few years ago).

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