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New Mickey Mouse Cartoon On Disney Channel


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This evening at 8:30 (EST) The Disney Channel premiered a new Mickey Mouse Cartoon. It was done in a hand drawn non CGI manor, almost slightly crude compared to the original cartoons. Did anybody see this?

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Yes, and I was surprised by Mickey's voice, since it was very different from the voice he had in other recent appearances on television. I did not know at the time that his voice for the cartoon was provided [not by Bret Iwan, but by Chris Diamantoupolos|http://www.therotoscopers.com/2013/06/25/disney-shorts-debut-with-new-voice-for-mickey-mouse/] (Bret Iwan had inherited the role of providing the voice of Mickey for the Walt Disney Company after his predecessor Wayne Allwine died in 2009).

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sfpcc1-was that a typo "non CGI manor"?


My problem with Disney Corporation is they are not creating anything new. When Walt was alive the studio pushed the envelope, creating the most innovative and artistic films. All the Disney Corporation does now is buy, buy, buy other's "creativity". They buy any kid's "branding" out there they can; Marvel Comics, Lucas' stable of charactors, etc. and subcontract out all their animation.


It's great my friend's animation studio gets contracts animating 30 second ads for the next Tinkerbell DVD, but it kind of disappoints me "Disney" is now just a corporate title. I recently saw SAVING MR BANKS which reminded me of how things "used to be" done.

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They seem to be turning it around somewhat.  I'm hoping that they move out of the making straight to DVD sequels of their classics, I refuse to even acknowledge that movies like "The Little Mermaid 2" (whose plot by the way, is literally the opposite of the original.  Ariel and Eric's daughter wants to be in the ocean despite it being forbidden) exist.  Their latest endeavors like the previously mentioned "Tangled," "Frozen," and my personal favorite "Wreck-It Ralph" were excellent.  I haven't watched "Saving Mr. Banks" yet.  I have a physical copy of it from Netflix sitting on top of my blu-ray player waiting to be watched.  I heard that the movie is good however and I love Emma Thompson, so I'm expecting good things from it. 


Even though it seems people are discounting Disney for purchasing other companies and moving away from what it is that made Disney Disney in the first place, I think some of their purchases have been excellent.  Pixar is the prime example of this.  Of all the Pixar films I have seen (there are a few I missed), they've been excellent.  Disney is also involved with Studio Ghibli as their distributor.  Studio Ghibli produces some of the most acclaimed Japanese anime films ever made.  As for their purchase of Marvel and LucasArts, I can see why people would think Disney was moving away from animation.  While the Marvel purchase isn't that bad, I personally enjoy the superhero films.  As for the LucasArts one, I'm not a big fan of Star Wars but I like Indiana Jones.  Seeing that Disney already has attractions in their theme parks based on Star Wars and Indiana Jones, it makes sense that they would just buy the company.  Rumor has it that they're planning a Marvel-themed attraction at Disneyland.  I'm not sure about that; however, there's another rumor floating around that they may upgrade Tomorrowland (at Disneyland at least, not sure about the other parks.  Tomorrowland desperately needs updating) and re-theme it for Star Wars.  I think that's a great idea and can see it working out well.   


As for the Mickey Mouse cartoons, I haven't seen them.  If they are using an old animation style, I think that'd be really neat.  There's something to be said about the old Steamboat Willie cartoons.  However, I've never been a huge Mickey person (I don't dislike him at all, however).  My favorite has always been Donald Duck ("Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land" might just be the best math-themed cartoon ever).  Running a close second is Goofy.  I love his "How-To" videos. 

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Glad you like their purchasing choices, speedracer. Whether I like their choices of "what to buy" or not, the fact remains, they just don't "create" anything anymore.

Disney only bought Pixar (and all the other successful established companies) because they were cutting into Disney's business. It's become the "kid" entertainment monopoly.


SAVING MR BANKS was an excellent movie but again, actually made by a subcontracting entity. They just had to work through Disney to get the "rights" to show clips, depict Walt & the company, use the music, etc.


The idea of reworking Tomorrowland which was modeled after World Fairs to a Star Wars theme (gawd I hate the concept of "theme") saddens me. Let's just give up any concept of humanity for the "sure thing" that will bring us dollars. This is what Walt's idea has come down to.


The Disney Corporation has quietly gone from a successful creative artistic company to Big Brother of all kid's entertainment. It's a total turn off for me.

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