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Happy Canada Day, TCM

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>In Quebec I believe the term is hoseur.


Yeah, well John, I suppose you DO know that all those "British/Canadian superfluous 'u's" DO all come via the FRENCH, don't YA?! ;)



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LOL!! Hoseur - a connoisseur of hosing.



Take care, though - we have adopted the French word "poseur" to mean the same thing as "poser", one who poses.



Liqueur, anyone?



I must say the only time I've heard someone say "hoser" is when they're exaggerating their stereotypical Canadian-ness.



"Take off, eh" >> No YOU take off, hoser!! >> No way, eh - YOU take off, hoser"...



(perhaps from a bar fight over whose dog is a bigger Leafs fan...)



Perhaps it was popularized by Bob and Doug Mackenzie on SCTV. Dunno. Great show, though.



John, good luck on Thursday with the weather and your fireworks. All the best! Mark









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And you never hear the expression 'Let's get him all liquered up.' SCTV is the

only place I can recall hearing about hosers. The Fourth is a very important

holiday--my trash collectors aren't even going to be picking stuff up that Thursday,

which is their regular pickup day. Well, if it rains on Thursday, I'll do in on Friday.

Take it easy.

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How come on a thread that has so much potential to talk about something interesting, all we're doing is riffing on a dumb slang word that was never used much in the first place?


Now, I enjoy a good joke as much as anyone...er, except for my sister and, uh, some of her friends... oh, and my co-workers...come to think of it most people enjoy a good joke more than I do...but this is just silly.



"But seriously"...have we not wrung every iota of significance - and humour - out of the never very significant word "hoser"?

There are a thousand more interesting things about Canada to discuss than the "H" word.

I mean, come on, guys.


Edited by: misswonderly on Jul 3, 2013 2:34 PM


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