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World War Z


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After nearly a year of bad internet buzz about how World War Z would be the biggest movie bomb of the decades, i'm glad to say it's a hell of a lot more enjoyable than the over-long, over-loud, over-repeitious pretentiousness of MAN OF STEEL and all the other big tent extravaganzas that have opened since May.The movie gets off to a terrific shock sequence--of ordinary people in a crowded metropolitan area suddenly turning into hideous undead. These zombies move with terrifying swiftness and the scene of tens of thousands of them roaring up the wall of a fortress and then devouring the quivering populace was chilling, indeed.Brad Pitt does a great job as "everyman" hero. Although I think it could have been edited down more sharply, I wouldn't mind owning this on Blu-Ray when it appears. And yes, a sequel is already being planned.

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Brad Pitt is excellent and the first part of the movie is very effective- but I wish the director was better at horror and supense - imagine what Carpenter would have done with this script. I like the music with it's Goblin like theme. The movie should have been a tight ninety minutes

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