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OMG! It's Klinger anf Father Mulcahy!


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In August of 1968 when I was 13 going on 14, I had the good fortune to attend the world premiere of this film in Boston at the Orpheum.


I sat directly in front of the director, Howard Morris and cast members Pat Carroll and Barbara Hershey.


Howard, to his credit, refrained from striking me as I asked him dozens of questions about working with Doris Day. (He adored the experience and said he would love another shot).


While the film, as the first venture of CBS' film division, may have some television roots, it received good reviews and did very well at the box-office. In fact out of Miss Day's 39 motion pictures, it is one of the top ten in terms of Box-Office gross.


I think the strengths of the film are the exceptional chemistry between Miss Day and Mr. Keith, who are believable at all times. In addition, Miss Day's on-screen believability with the three children, never resorts to "cute". Very few female actresses of that era could play, on-screen, with children and seem so natural.


She followed her Oscar-nominated role in "Pillow Talk" by playing a mother to several children in "Please Don't Eat the Daisies". Witness also, "It Happened to Jane" and "The Thrill of it All".


In "Eggroll" she showed an on-screen maturity that could probably, had she not been sentenced to the CBS sitcom for five years, have led to numerous follow-up roles that would have built on her strengths. One can only imagine what might have been.


When I met Miss Day for the first time in the 1970's at her home in Beverly Hills, I told her I'd seen "Eggroll" 54 times. In her typically modest fashion she deadpanned, "And you didn't get Diabetes?"

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Carlin said in an interview that although he was glad to get the part, as it meant a new direction in his career, the procces of movie making( at the time) turned him off from doing movies for a long while.






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