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unknown movie title How to train your husband?


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HI! Many years ago, I caught a portion of a movie that has intrigued me for over forty years. I dont know the title or the name of any of the actors. A youg lady was being counseled by her mother or aunt on handling her husband in their marriage. She used the phrase or handed her a book on 'How to train your dog'. If anyone reads this and recognizes this movie, please inbox me!! I want to see this movie and while I have watched for it off and on for many years I have not had the good fortune of learning anything about it. Please help me oiut of my misery...


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Most asked-about movies:


"If a Man Answers" (dog training manual used to train husband)


Someone to Remember? (1943) (An elderly woman whose son disappeared years before refuses to move when her apartment building is turned into a college dormitory for male students.)



Remade as Johnny Trouble (1957)



?Panic in Year Zero? (end of word, family camping in woods)


?The Little Fugitive? (kid runs away and becomes lost at Coney Island)


?You Never Can Tell? (man dog, lady horse)



?My Six Loves? (lady finds a bunch of kids)


All-Dog movie shorts (The MGM Dogville series produced from 1929-31. Titles: Hot Dog (29); College Hounds (29); So Quiet on the Canine Front (30); The Big Dog House (30); Dogway Melody (30); The Dogville Murder Case (?Who Killed Rover?) (31); Love Tails of Morocco (31); Two Barks Brothers (31); Trader Hound (31).) (Dogville list by talkietime.)



?On Borrowed Time? ? Lionel Barrymore has death trapped up in a tree


?Three Wise Fools? ? Lionel Barrymore is chained to a tree.


?It Grows on Trees? (money growing on trees)



?Make Way for Tomorrow? (old couple have to go to separate nursing homes)


?For Heaven?s Sake? (child waiting to be born)


?The Bluebird? with Shirley Temple (children waiting to be born)


?It Happened on 5th Avenue?, 1947, with Don DeFore, Ann Harding & Charlie Ruggles. (a bum and his friends move into expensive home of rich people who go on vacation)


?Bird of Paradise? (lady jumps in volcano)


?Tales of Manhattan? (stories about many people owning the same old coat)


?Kiss of Death? (man pushes old woman in wheelchair down flight of stairs)


"Once Upon A Time" (boy with dancing caterpillar)


?White Banners? (lady tries to get job as maid with poor family, they can?t afford her, but she teaches them how to save money in the kitchen and around the house and she winds up living with them.)

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