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Sitting This One Out....

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Having had a terrific time on the first two cruises, I was so looking forward to the third one. After much thought, however, I will be staying home this time for a number of reasons. Let me say that I do not have any problem with the choice of Disney. At the town hall meeting on the last cruise it was heavily implied that they were leaning in that direction as their (Disney) facilities were 'state of the art'. I don't think the ship will be 'full of children' (though I'm not sure about Castaway Cay!) and if the ship has lots of Mickey? So what, THAT is not the experience of the journey. It is the people and the fun there that is key. True, with no casino, I wonder if they'll try to shut things down even earlier. As a 'night owl' I can say the second cruise was better than the first as there were many more late nighters and more to do. Walking the dark deserted decks in the wee hours can get pretty creepy!


On both previous trips, I was paired with roommates. We are all now the very best of friends. As a matter of fact (and four generations to boot!), we were hoping to pair up with an upgraded room on this trip! However, with the configuration of the room, we felt it unfair (at these prices!) that someone would have to get stuck in a trundle bed! Apparently this is a renovation that is occurring now. I'm not sure why TCM didn't request Disney to hold back until after the trip. Seems like most of the people on the first two trips had gone through the Independent Traveller Program.

The other issue is that the cruise has been pushed back to December (ostensibly for the cost factor I assume). At the town hall meet in January, there were only a small minority of people who wanted the cruise in December. Most folks felt it was too close to the holidays and that post holiday would be better. Again, I'm guessing cost played a part in TCM's decision. However, for those of us still working, it necessitates taking another week of vacation in the same calendar year as January's trip. And in my business, December is the worst month to take off.


So I will have to be content with looking at someone else's photos and keep the hope that TCM will learn from these errors and correct them for the next trip!



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