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Modern movies about Classic Hollywood


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{font:Arial}I like modern (ish) movies about the making of classic movies, like THE AVIATOR, MY WEEKEND WITH MARILYN and THE SCARLETT O'HARA WARS. Even when they aren't entirely factual, they are still a lot of fun to watch. Back in the winter, I went to see HITCHCOCK. As it was in limited release, I had to drive quite a ways, but it was, for me, worth it. I'm not the best reviewer here, but here's my take on it:{font}{font:Arial}


The film (if you haven’t seen it) is a backstage story of the making of PSYCHO--discovering the story, announcing the intent to make the movie, fighting with the studio to get it financed (the movie shows him taking a mortgage on his house, but that part was probably just made up--what bank would do that, even for Hitchcock? He probably just made a deal on profits), battles with the censors, generating word of mouth for the film etc. A lot of the conflict was exaggerated (or plain invented) and the Hitchcock marriage was somewhat “****” up (not with actual sex—but Hitchcock and Alma are both portrayed as being jealous—she of his blondes and he of her friendship with a writer.) For the most part, it’s very well done, with nice little character touches threaded all through the film. There's a scene towards the end, at the premiere of PSYCHO, where Hitchcock leaves his seat and goes out to the lobby to wait for the screams to start. Who knows if it really happened, but it just seemed like something Hitch would do. Witty dialogue (which is an essential for me) and a lot of fun to watch (even the made up parts. LOL)


{font:Arial}One thing that really impressed me about it was the way the actors captured the personalities of the people they were playing. Scarlett Johannson (who up to this point I would have called much more than set decoration, except for, possibly, LOST IN TRANSLATION) did an excellent Janet Leigh. She caught the way Janet would smile and how she walked with her arms crossed under her breasts, instead of letting them swing freely, for example (her arms, not her breasts LOL). Anthony Hopkin's Hitchcock was a bit of a caricature, but then, so was the real Hitchcock by that time. I don't know what Alma Hitchcock was like, though I know she collaborated with him on most of his movies, though probably not to the extent portrayed in the movie, but Helen Mirren can do no wrong in my eyes, so I was good with it :){font:Arial}




Here are a couple of clips:









The Press Lunch (watch for “Hedda Hopper”)






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{font:Arial} {font}{font:Arial}The Oath of Secrecy ;{font}



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