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Semi OT: Fun Stuff


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I might be taken to task that this thread ISN'T a discussion of old movies. But fug it, I don't care.




I could waste all day and go on about some stuff I mentioned in older posts, and might later here, but for now, I'll offer up one tale, and ask others to provide theirs.




In a way, it has a connection to classic movies...




When my wife and I, back in 1990, went to the still newly restored and rennovated Fox Theater in Detroit to see the 50th anniversary viewing of *Citizen Kane* , and after the showing was over, I stopped in the rest room on the way out of the theater. In there were two guys discussing the movie. One guy, I surmised, was familiar with it. The other guy gave clues to the fact this was the first time he'd seen it. I overheard this much conversation, which I SWEAR is true!




"Man! That WAS a good movie. I can understand now why all the fuss was made about it."

"Yeah, it's been one of my all-time favorites."

"OK, so WHO was the actor that played that KANE guy?"

"Orson Welles"

"Yeah, he was pretty good. But that guy they got to play Kane when he was older...he looked as if HE COULD HAVE BEEN RELATED!"




I also have a couple of stories concerning *Superman, Forrest Gump* and *The Wizard of Oz* that I think I've mentioned here before, but bear repeating.




Anybody got something like this they'd like to tell?






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