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Today's spam thread from Vonda referencing "Pacific Rim" (and other recent movies) is as good a reason as any to share a story and let you all know that I'm not the brightest bunny in the forest (not that you need reminding).


The other night I was channel surfing and noticed a film titled "Atlantic Rim" airing on a Canadian TV channel. When I clicked the "info" button on the remote, the description stated it was about robots battling monsters - the same thing as in "Pacific Rim."

Curious, I tuned in and soon discovered that what I was watching was a "mockbuster":


put out by The Asylum: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Asylum


Very low-budget rip-off of "Pacific Rim." Since the film stars Graham Greene, I assume that was why is was on a Canadian TV channel - to fulfill mandated Canadian content. A Canadian actor in an American movie counts as Canadian content...

BTW, "Atlantic Rim" has to be the worst film Greene has been in. And it's too bad as I like Greene.


Anyway, this is the second time I've been fooled by this TV channel. A few months ago, it aired a movie titled: "Jack the Giant Killer," a rip-off of "Jack the Giant Slayer."

My excuse for being stupid on that occasion is that it was late at night.

I thought I was going to see the Bryan Singer film and remember thinking that it was strange that "Space" (the Canadian channel) would air a major film so soon after it was just released.

Then I soon discovered I was watching crap: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_the_Giant_Killer_%282013_Asylum_film%29


And BTW, it has to be the worst film that Ben Cross has been in. And that's too bad as I like Ben Cross.


No idea what the Canadian content is for that flick? I'd have to investigate on a rainy day, I guess.


Anyway, "Space" has other Asylum films on its schedule such as "Sharknado":



That one is about sharks that get caught up in a tornado and then dropped in Los Angeles.

An always possible danger to denizens of the City of Angels.


Finally, as an aside, I've noticed that the descriptions of films you see when you press the "info" button on the TV remote have changed recently from being straightforward information about a film - date, actors, rating, brief description of plot - to more subjective stuff - an actor in a film gives an "hilarious" performance, or the film is "gut-busting funny," for example.

Anybody else in Canada notice this change?




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RM, I don't believe I'm familar with the channel you refer to.

And for some reason I don't get that function on my television, the one that lists what's currently being aired on all the stations one gets.


But I certainly agree that to add subjective comment to such a function would be hugely annoying. I've always found the capsule "descriptions" one used to find in TV guides were useless and often inaccurate, maybe what you're talking about is kind of similar.

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