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TCM Flix To Groove Hard To!!! Mon, July 22-Sun, July 28!!!


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TCM Flix To Groove Hard To!!!! Mon, July 22-Sun, July 28!!!


Hope everyone is enjoying a totally groovy summer and having fun watching TCM flix, staying cool in that summer heat, guys and dolls!!


TCM is sure not shy about keeping the heat on and they kick it off hard on Monday, July 22 with a day filled with 30's and 40's band flix and shorts!!! Dig those cool tunes, daddio!!! Busby Berkeley hits it hard at 6am with HOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1937), starring crooner Dick Powell, Rosemary and Lola Lane, Ted Healy, Alan Mowbray, Hugh Herbert, and spunky Glenda Farrell!! Busby keeps the grooves revved up next in GARDEN OF THE MOON (1938), one of my faves, with Pat O'Brien, sexy Margaret Lindsay, and John Payne!!! Then it's a block of shorts, with Artie Shaw and His Orchestra (1938), THE YACHT PARTY (1932), featuring Roger Wolfe Khan and his Orchestra!!, Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra (1940), and Borrah Minevitch and his Harmonica School (1942), then SWING CAT'S JAMBOREE (1933), with Louis Prima and his jazz quartet!!! Wow, that's hep! Then it's ORCHESTRA WIVES (1942), SHIP AHOY (1942), SWING FEVER (1943), and JAM SESSION (1944)!!! This is such a coolio day!!


And it caps off with an evening of Johnny Carson interviews, this time Johnny is yakkin' it up with Mel Brooks, Dom Deluise, Bette Davis (totally cool!!), Burt Reynolds, and Fred Astaire!!! Then Fred sticks around for the pre-code THE GAY DIVORCEE (1934) with Ginger Rogers, and then it's just a total overnight with Fred and Ginger as TCM goes high-steppin' for the night: TOP HAT (1935), FOLLOW THE FLEET (1936), SWING TIME (1936) and THE STORY OF VERNON AND IRENE CASTLE (1939)!!! It's the 30's baby and Fred and Ginger---you simply can't go wrong!


Tuesday morning at 6:45am, I'm looking forward to a flick I've not seen before, directed by and starring Cornell Wild, STORM FEAR (1956) looks to be a pretty cool flick, also starring Dan Duryea, and Jean Wallace!!!


TCM does a double take for Thursday's daytime lineup, with look-a-likes/twins taking over the day!!! And wow, it kicks off in style with Boris Karloff himself in THE BLACK ROOM (1935)!!! Next up, it's Laurel and Hardy in one of their funniest flix, OUR RELATIONS (1936), also with Alan Hale!! Up at 11:15am, it's my main men George Zucco and Dwight Frye in DEAD MEN WALK (1943), a poverty row creeper, but a very groovy one!!!


If you like your noir with a bit of saddle burn, or your oater with a bit of atmosphere, you'll be digging on STATION WEST (1948), showing up at 7:45am Friday!!! It stars Dick Powell, who by this time is in full bore tough guy mode, the lovely Jane Greer, Agnes Moorehead, Raymond Burr (creepin' it out!), Steve Brodie, Burl Ives (say what??!), Guinn Williams and Regis Toomey!! It's a winner, and I'd recommend it to anyone who digs noir, don't worry about the setting!


Saturday's at 10:45 continues the tradition TCM has adopted recently of showing mystery series flix, and now that "The Falcon" series has come to an end, we kick off a short series with Walter Pidgeon as "Nick Carter", and starring in NICK CARTER, MASTER DETECTIVE (1939)!!! Donald Meek also stars as Bartholomew the Bee Keeper, and what a hoot! Also starring Henry Hull, Rita Johnson, Stanley Ridges, Addison Richards, Sterling Holloway, and Milburn "Doc" Stone!!


Late night Saturday features a double bill of Arch Hall flix for the TCM Underground, WILD GUITAR (1962) and the underrated, but very intensely suspenseful, THE SADIST (1963)!!! Low budget chills!!


Sunday night features Jean Simmons, and she's rockin' it in SO LONG AT THE FAIR (1950), a "twilight zone" type of suspense flick!!! Then the Silent Sunday feature is out of this universe cool, the 1922 PHANTOM, directed by FW Murnau, and starring Lil Dagover! Gotta be checkin' this one out!!!


Hope everyone is having awesome groovy times, and enjoying the coolio flix TCM is laying on us, cats and kittens!! Dig it!!!

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It makes me happy to see your post! That it is short reflects my own feelings of the coming week that there is not a great deal to be said.


I'll be chill and mellow out to: *The Gay Divorcee* (1934) and *Top Hat* (1935). They are gas flicks!


Tuesday's: Pirates of Tripoli (1955) is trippin'! Henreid rules!


I am not sure if: The Twelve Chairs (1970) will be a blast or ****. Mel Brooks' movies are either rad or sad.


The Old Dark House (1963) is primo!


Nick Carter is my man! I really dig his flicks! I wonder if he knows he is being followed by the Mummy. :)


Kiss Me Kate (1953) rocks! A fox gets hacked and wants to bug out but a couple of badasses keep her from bookin' while her old man is on the make.


I do not see a lot of greats this week but it's solid and the gems really glow. TCM rules!


I should add as a footnote that my spell-checker officially hates me! :)

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Sans Fin! Your post totally rox!!! You got the groove!!


I should mention that my grooves will be taking a hiatus for the month of August (at least on a weekly basis, I may pop in and hang out for some of the days here and there).


Keep on diggin' on those crazy TCM flix!

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