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Instead of Carson on mondays...

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> {quote:title=obrienmundy wrote:}{quote}

> How about filling up an hour on mondays, with Carol Burnett's movie spoofs and then follow it with the films she spoofed?


LonesomePolecat created a wonderful schedule for a TCM Programming Challenge which had a day of iconic movies followed by those parodies.


Her selections were:

Rebecca (1940) / Rebecky (1972)

Babes in Arms (1939) / Babes in Barns (1977)

Mildred Pierce (1945) / Mildred Fierce (1977)

The Heiress (1949) / The Lady Heir (1974)

Sunset Boulevard (1950) / Nora Desmond and the Bedbug (1972)

Gone with the Wind (1939) / Went with the Wind (1976)


I believe that would be a very wonderful day!

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As much as I loved the Carol Burnette show, I don't feel that TCM is the appropriate forum for it; maybe if there was a sister Turner ClassicTelevision channel. Besides, Carol Burnette and Friends is still out in syndication. As for Carson, I was dissappointed that roughly half of the interviews were not stars from the classic period. Come on now, I tune in to TCM to see the studio era movies; anything I saw as a teen or adult at the movies or cable I dont want to see. There are other outlets for these movies, but realistically, how many other channels will show black and white movies. So I say no to the showing of more TV shows on TCM.

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I agree. The only reason we got cable was because we heard of TCM and the old black and white movies. I am extremely upset nearly every day because around evening when we want to see a good old black and white move they show something from the 50,s or 60,s in bright color. Movies we would not even have gone to when they came out. Why oh why did TCM change their format?

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> {quote:title=imee wrote:}{quote}

> Why oh why did TCM change their format?


This question arises often. It usually takes the form of a complaint that TCM is showing new movies when it should be showing only movies which certain posters like and deem classic.


I have had access to TCM for five years only but I have looked with care at schedules going back much further.


The TCM mission was originally to show classic movies from a wide range of eras. That has not changed. Even the very first month of programming included movies in color and of fairly recent date.


February for the 31 Days of Oscar and August for the Summer Under the Stars scheduling are not average months and there are special themes which at times require newer movies but the average movie during average months on TCM remains a black and white from the 1940s just as it has been since TCM's debut.


As you are new to the board I will provide an additional piece of information: posters such as I are often called "apologists" because we defend TCM's selection of movies. We are called that by posters who refuse to look at the facts or who prefer their illusion that TCM is going downhill.


I recommend you look closely at the schedules for daytime and late at night. It is there that you will often find the hidden gems of movies made in the 1920s to 1940s. Silent Sunday Night at midnight always features a silent movie usually from the 1920s.


The prime time schedules are most often widely known and widely liked movies and newer movies.


I welcome you to these boards and I hope you will find many movies which are new to your are your old favorites. Movies of particular interest are often highlighted on the boards by a person who has a great interest in it beginning a thread concerning its airing. This happens most often when the movie is a premiere or has not aired in many years.

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Why oh why did TCM change their format?


Money. The bottom line. Moolah. Dough. Coins when they jingle.


That's why.


And it ain't going back to what it once was.


If you saw that garbage movie last night 'starring' Tom Poston in a remake of The Old Dark House, you obviously know (and you do) that the old grey mare ain't what she used to be.


Sad, ain't it?


But oh, yes, don't forget, and I quote, you have to be grateful that you have TCM at all. :):):)

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> {quote:title=willbefree25 wrote:}{quote}

>> Why oh why did TCM change their format?

> Money. The bottom line. Moolah. Dough. Coins when they jingle.


I have read that sentiment many times and I will never understand how people can believe it.


TCM's income derives from carriage fees and advertising.


The carriage fees are independent of the number of viewers. It is the prestige which TCM established and maintains by being the best source for classic movies which determines whether cable and satellite companies continue carrying the channel. If they would significantly alter their programming it would detract from their prestige which would inevitably result in less income because carriers would be inclined to drop the channel so that they could stop paying the carriage fees.


An analysis of a complete day's advertising yielded that 98.8% of the advertisements were for DVDs sold through the TCM website. As modern movies are available through many outlets the sales which matter to TCM are for older movies and they advertise those only after the movie airs. The majority of the small percentage of other advertising is for books relating to classic movies which are available through TCM. It is rare that they have an advertisement for a modern movie and the income from that is minuscule.


It is obvious to any person who looks at the facts that TCM earns the most money by airing classic movies upon which their reputation is based.

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