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"The Conjuring" proved that for a mere $19 million, a great cast, sharp story, editing, sound and script, you can create a fun, outstanding exercise in horror that rarely dissapoints.I feel like such a jaded veteran of horror films that I went in to sit patiently in the theater and expected to be dissapointed. The movie's modest budget, though, called for small sets (basically one house), its rooms where the action takes place. That this story was based on a documented true case of possession added to its backstory.It was with wicked satisfaction that while The Conjuring cost only $19 million, I read of those tent-pole movies that all flopped big-time at the box-office: Pacific Rim cost nearly $250 million and bombed--along with RIPD ($175 million) and that abomination called The Lone Ranger ($275 million) where we see Johnny Depp doing his oh so worn out trick of wearing his inch-thick mascara, crazy little hat and coming across as an old fey hack whose little tricks no longer entertain.

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"The Amytiville Horror" meets " The Exorcist" is this very effective scary movie. Good cast, beautiful photography and great horror film direction- there is a real sense of dread. I also like the fact that most of the FX are the old fashion kind.

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